“I can rely on you behind you.,Like shadow chasing light dream tour。”

“I can wait at this intersection.,Will you pass”
The Bedroom of the Governor of the Puchacheng Governor,Zheng Minmin will be the head of Gao Bao in his chest,While being aimless to touch his face,Sing a song while singing。
That sound is like a female ghost knock,Take a sharp penetration,Let each of the goddess sergeants who are embarrassed around。
“really,Still useless?。”
Zheng Minmin is sighing,She can determine that Gao Baoyi is dead.,only,There is no consciousness at all。Just like the soul is getting from the body.。
“You tell me,I have an emperor,He has a substitute,Regardless of the sound and body type。at last,This substitute learned everything about the emperor,Become a real emperor。
I once thought of,That emperor is stupid,It is actually killed by oneself.。You are not there now.,Is it to be your avatar??”
She suddenly,Self-depth laughing。
“No one will learn you.,Also learn。No one knows what you think in your mind,What is the world in your heart?,I am afraid that others can’t guess.,Including me。
I often think that you can’t see everyone.,everything。It is not your intention to show high high.,But……People who have truly big rich,Later seen……Um,The feeling of your huntel in your mouth。
Thank you, I took me out of the mud pit.,Let me awake,Teach me to learn。Duckweed body,Naturally can’t reward you。Even if the woman is a pleasant,It is just a delicious dishes in your life.。
I have been thinking,How to repay you,How to let you know that I can pay everything for you,Unfortunately, you have always been not missing.。
this time,It should be my last chance.。Since I met,Are you protecting me?,So now,Let me protect you,Let me ask you to ask for fairness.。”
She puts Gao Bao in the bed,Gently kiss on the other side of the lips。
“I am afraid of avatar as a hell,Even if the corpse is full of road,Also at all。”
The lawn look at the two side of the Governor’s House.,Guardians,This is completely like a big win,It is like a big army to speak Changan.!He heard that Gao Bao seems to be in the arrow.,However, the situation should not be serious。
“Derogate,Please come in,Please removing the sword。”
Lida leather laughing meat standing at the door。
He didn’t deal with the Xixian people.,Dendrobitter light this bright pond is more mixed.,Nature is unhappy。And now Greater Governor……if it is possible,He really doesn’t want to come here.。
Demertion,Hand the Poly Sword to Li Da。He asked him from the city of Yucheng.,Also take someone to the person,Never be Gao Baoyi“Oneself”NS,Warm, I am afraid of a hair!
Item being introduced into the study,Demertion is suddenly shocked。
Sitting in the study with an elegant and quiet young woman,Stabilize,It looks very familiar。
only,The white hair is like this to fall on the shoulder.,No hair accessories。
Billow light is dumb,This is not a problem with beauty.,How to Zheng Minmin, the black hair is all white.!
“Gundorcarriers are preparing to deal with Turkic people in the customs,Although he is an arrow shot from the Assassin sent by Yuwen Constitution,But there is no problem。
The reason why it does not come out now,That is because this is absolutely confidential.,In order to make a play,Everything will ordered。Create a high-cost governor has passed away,And we will have a description of the support by his name。”
Zheng Minmin is a set of lies.!
Billow light is also a bit,Isn’t it true?,And you are strong here?I still want to deal with Turkic,Your heart is too big.?
“tomorrow,Pucha City hangs white cloth,Release the weekly war,Let them take the message out,It is said that the Assassin assassin assassin from the Yuwen Constitution。
But inside,We have to say with the soldiers.,Greater host,These are to deal with the trustee。Who questioned this,That is, with the goddess army,You can decide!”
Zheng Minmin Women。