Immediately made this call,On the phone,The person in charge is very enthusiastic,And immediately promised to send the demolition money for Huang Xiaoding’s house tomorrow。

According to him,The reason why I didn’t set aside the money before,Because of conflict in their family。
Now this conflict is resolved,So I will set aside the money immediately,And let Qin Hao put a hundred hearts in his stomach。
Qin Hao only smiled after listening,He knows the truth in it,So I don’t know。
This is done with just one or two phone calls。
And then returned to Huang Xiaoding’s house,Huang Xiaoding and Huang Tiansheng are already asleep。
And Huang Tiansheng’s snoring is deafening,Auntie is still packing things at home,See Qin Hao come back,Greet Qin Hao to the next room。
“Little brother,I’ve packed it up for you,Clean,You have been sleeping here these days,how about it?”
“We don’t have any conditions in the countryside,If you don’t dislike,How about living there??”
Auntie said to Qin Hao,Qin Hao nodded。
“Thanks auntie,This is good,Much better than the army,”Qin Hao said casually。
Then my aunt’s expression went dark,Sighed。
“go to bed early,”Auntie said to Qin Hao,Then left。
“Oh,By the way, if you have any needs, tell me,”Auntie turned around and said to Qin Hao。
“Row,Thanks auntie。”
Qin Hao lying on the bed,Don’t know what’s thinking。
that’s it,One night passed,In the early morning of the next day。
Qin Hao was awakened by the sound of packing things。
Qin Hao got up and took a look,Huang Xiaoding took a sickle and followed his aunt。