“Gold Princess Shen Ke?Gao Biyi please?”

Yuxian opens wooden box,Looking for a so-called letters overlooking,Sales for a long time,This book is,Nothing else。
“Strange,Gao Boyi is such a negligent person??Don’t he do not use the reaction??”
Yushen is still afraid。
In his impression,Gao Biyi should write a letter with yourself,Said his big brother,How guess to him?,This war is no matter,After the return,He won’t fall。
Amina Yuz will be tortured by Yu Yu。
As a result, this actually didn’t say anything.,This is very strange.?
“Left and right,Let’s take a look at the book.。”
Yu Xian began boring books,I’ve turned back two pages,He is like finding that he is stared by the snake.,Sit straight,Eye beads have to convene,Dead stare at the manuscript。
Uncomfortable will not take the hand of the manuscript,Pinching finger!
“Under the dazzling sun,I am shouting,Scream,moan。I don’t know what I am doing.,The whole body is filled with happiness。
I shouted the name of the supervisor.,And he called me in my ear. I was applied.,I am more excited。I don’t want to go back to the gold grassland.,I have to stay with the governor.,When a waf is being applied。
When everything is over,I think about my own behavior,Incomparable shame。The devil took root in my heart.,I will never forget that feel,I hate and love it.。Wang Ye is really very good to me.,But he can’t bring me what I want.。
Trinar is very bad for me.,But I can satisfy me。And find another one in your heart。

Yuxian will take the paper armor into his meat,I have already bleed bleeding,It is still unreasonable。The brain is all the pictures of A Shi Nats in other men.。
Don’t say this book is very lyrical.,Also very exposed。Still not moving, ridicule, he is with Yu。
Mingli said Gao Bo Yi“Beasts are not as good as”,Behind it is hint,He is just a woman in the enemy country.,From the respect of his respect,This person is very prevailing,The opponent is definitely not bad in the weekdays.。
This forms a stark contrast。
You speak very reason,But can’t keep your own woman。
Gao Biyi is not reasonable,But you can protect your woman very well.。
Who is strong?,Who is a real man?,It’s been alert.。
Yu Xian’s deep breath,There is still a small half of the book.,He presses the curiosity and sadness,Decided no longer look。
Because it looks,If you get more, you will be caught in Gao Baoyi.“Estimate”In。Once the enemy predicts your behavior mode,So what happens next?,There is no need to explain too much.。
But,How can A Shizha?!
There is a voice in the heart of the Yindian.。
You are forced,This can be understood,After all, I fell to Gao Biyi.。
Normal line,This can also be imagined,after all,Similar thing,Everyone is doing this。Gao Baoyi’s wife is falling into the hand,Yu Xian believes that his big brother will not be polite with him.。
but,Do you want to enjoy this?!
Watch on the surface,It is A Shizuz to be forced by Gao Baoyi.,However, from this manuscript,Is this woman not happy??Gao Bao is the good thing to suffer.?
When Yu Xian is calm down,He found a key issue。
This manuscript,Is it true that everything is recorded??
is it possible,It is Gao Biyi in deliberately smearing A Shizha.?
have to say,Probably,But men,Who can accept this kind of thing??Is it,Is it very different??
Comfort yourself,Yu Xian once again opened the manuscript,Look up。Anyway, I have already seen it.,After reading it。No matter what you can’t read,Will not affect the last result。
After all, the Turkic woman,I have already gave birth to Gao Baoyi’s wild.,Do you think about it now? Don’t look at her.“Bright”,Really worry。
NS1326chapter Hot pot ant
Changan is not near Pu 坂,But because Yu 邕 is very concerned about the frontline situation,Ask Uxxian to send a letter to the front line every day,It’s too much to play cards from the later generations.。
this day,Royal Palace in Chang’an Palace,Yu Yu is like an ant on the hot pot,Come back and forth,From time to time, you have to sigh.,unstoppable!