“When you patrol your night?,These people who have an attempt to climb into the city。Human understanding,I found that they were the scouts of Liang Shi Yan,other things,They know not much。”

The face of Han Yuhu is extremely calm,These words seem to have a good release of the abdomen.。
“okay,Continue to patrol,Be vigilant。I am defeated in Heyang.,You can come to me at any time.。”
Didn’t sleep overnight,Solites tired to hook hands with Han Zihu,Said to turn and left。
“correct,These bodies converge,Those heads in the city are collected back,Get them。”
Far away,The words that solve the letter are sent to the Han Yan Tiger Ear.。
NS1197chapter Heyang Battle(Finish)
“General,You look there!”
Heyang,The drum of solvent is pointed to the star point of the Yellow River.,It seems to be a ghost,Slowly close to the city。
What can I have on the Yellow River??In addition to the vessel,There will be something else.!
This scene is unpredictable,He is calm down:“According to the deployment yesterday,A team of people,Enemy in Shazhou,Prepare long bamboo pole,Prepare mud bag!”
The topography of Hedang Guan is very special,Conventional siege method,Is not completely。However,Overcome the river Yangguan,Can be used“Skillful approach”!
First clever approach,That is, use the building ship directly impact the city,Then the people on the logo,I want to use the height of the property,Directly climbed up the city。
But there is a risk,It is the lady to eat water.,Very easy to strand。
Second skill,Just overcome Nancheng,Then use Nancheng leading to the pontoon,Come on the city。The advantage of this is,The enemy is also not easy to destroy the pontoon,Murmur。
There is also the defense between two levels.,It’s easy to get it,This is because the sandstone of the Yellow River is not a circular,But a long strip-shaped plot。
Basically, the defenders have except for the burning of the floating bridge.,There is not much way to defend the attack from the South City.。
certainly,The best way,Two kinds“Skillful approach”Insert。
“Report!Solitary,Zhou Jun was attacking the periphery of Nancheng,It is necessary to break the first city gate.!”
A scouting rushed from the suspension bridge over South City,Past gas is reported to solvent。
That circle outside“City wall”,It is a dihydress that uses the sediment of the Yellow River to temporarily stacked,The purpose is to siege in the siege。as predicted,Zhou Jun used no moon tonight,Waterway land,At the same time began to attack the city!
This is the bullish,And to keep three cities!
“Han Zihu said,Be sure to kill the week army,Tonight。After tomorrow, tomorrow,You can withdraw to Heyang!”
Solites a strange command。
retreat,Shouldn’t you choose at night??
This scout don’t understand,I have to greece,Immediately to the South City。
Waiting for this scout,Solitary communication,A little doubts, Liang Shi Yan wants to do it.。
Their two Wei Luoyang,Liang Shi Yan is one of the pro,He didn’t know what happened at that time.?
The solitary message and he all in the West Weijun,And the people who guards the yang,Hou Jing!
Today, both are their main,In again,Do you have to play the play that year??Interested??
Think here,Solitary believe that there is a trainer like flying,It’s coming toward the scorpion bridge north north of Heyang.!
Liang Shi Yan may not want to destroy the North China City(Northern Yellow River)Road between Hengguan,But he wants to attract the attention of solvent,Let Nancheng’s soldiers and horses,This is determined to be undoubtedly!
Positive,It is known that it is a pit.,You have to jump,Have to fill in!
“quick,Block those trains!”
Someone is a bit anxious,Personally under the sand,Command the soldiers holding long bamboo poles,Pick the ship to Shazhou“stranded”。This can be a technology,Not anyone can do it。
Rao is his command,There are also many traffic vessels become fish,Directly towards the pontoon。
At this time, you don’t need him ordered it.,I have long been waiting for Qi Jun on the pontoon.,Will filled with mud,Throw it towards the ship!