And that seems not aggressive,The power of the milky soul seems to turn into an extremely perfect‘round’,Directly shrouded in Wright’s soul sea。Seemingly innocent,But in fact, the power of the milky soul contains endless murder and destruction,Directly penetrate the soul defense master artifact that is already full of cracks。

“broken!”Wright’s Sea of Souls,And his consciousness is absolutely synchronized,Face this terrible attack,Wright’s soul will burst out instantly。
Light gray fusion of the power of the main god,According to the rules of the Dzogchen Dzogchen, it forms a defense method that looks like an endless ocean.,And in the middle of this gray ocean,A golden lotus blooming,Command this endless ocean。
Milky soul attack penetration、erosion、destroy。
Light gray soul defense slapping、Purify、Disintegrate。
Even with Wright’s soul power,Thoroughly【Time and Space Disorder】The soul attack contained in it is exhausted,Also consumes more than 30% of the power of the main god in the body。
So rapid consumption,And a trace of milky white soul power penetrated and slightly hurt the golden lotus,Make Wright’s face pale。
And the face of Destroyer Lord cannot tell whether it is white or not,But you can’t hurt the opponent even after using Time and Space Disorder,Made him very disappointed。
In fact,Performed【Time and Space Disorder】Rear,He has no more powerful killer moves,Time and space are chaotic,There is nothing to do with other moves。
“I lost!”Utreid sighed,Put away the supreme artifact with incomparable aura。
Since it’s destined to be unable to kill the other party,Utreid didn’t plan to continue fighting。
And Wright will naturally stop。Since the opponent concedes defeat,He naturally won’t hunt down,Does he and Utreide have any deep hatred。
If you really fight,It’s hard to say that Wright killed the master of destruction on the material level.,Or the soul attack of the Destroyer Master forced Wright to flee。
And at the moment,The main gods who are here again can’t help but sigh,Before Wright was just above the rule of law。But now,Wright defeated the Lord of Destruction positively。
of course,The main gods can also see it,Destroy the master’s strongest move【Time and Space Disorder】Actually also had an impact on Wright。Of course, it is also possible that Wright avoided the space stagnation effect of time and space chaos,The price you have to pay。
If this is going to fight,Wright may not really win。
Utreide actually knew,But the strongest killer move failed twice in a row,Makes him feel a little depressed(collapse)of,That’s why I happily gave in。
But even so,In the hearts of some main gods around,Wright’s power position in the main god,At least it can be comparable to the Destroyer,Is considered the top three super power in this universe。
of course,For most main gods,Before Wright‘fifth’with‘third’It makes no difference,I can’t beat it anyway,Can’t afford to offend。