After they go to the scene,There is already a police view at the scene.。

Ou Jingxi has already called to determine,Lu Haocheng did not go to the Beihai market。
He also knows the police of Beihai City,After all, Lu Hao Cheng’s relationship network is very powerful.,It is also taking care of it.。
“Depression,How’s it going?”
Ou Jing, the first to rush,Rapidly。
Ning Feifei pushes Blue Xin,Blue Xin is nervous listening to the answer。
Su Sei Ming pushed Mu Zihao,All kinds of hopeful。
Xiao Police official shook his head slightly:“The situation is very bad,Lu Gong’s car,Determine it from here,Some cars were found on the cliff,And there is no trace of emergency braking。
After hitting the cliff,Directly dropped into the sea,After receiving your report,The police have been salvaged in combination with the fastest speed.,But the sea area in this area is very deep.,I have passed an hour.”Xiao police official said here,Heartache shook his head。
Blue Xinyi,The whole person is unbelievable to watch Xiao police officer。
Ahead of the eyes,Feeling that your entire world collapsed。
She smashed her head,Let yourself awake,Very painful,She looked at the blue sea inch.,The world is a little dark。
After a while, she will react.,Sadness is shouting in the sea,“Hoheng,You can’t be like this to me like this。”
More hour ago,He is still like the gentle body sticker when he leaves himself.。
“Wife,I love you。”
“I have arranged for lunch and snacks.,Waiting for me to come back together。”
These gentle words are still echoing in her ear.。
“Hoot”Blue Xinyang,Pain, I have been hurting into the liver,Parent,Hard pain is twisted。
Ning Feifei looks at her low,A distressed,At this moment, use any language to comfort her.,It’s so pale weakness.。
Lost the only pain,That feeling really willing to die.?
She also does not want Lu Haocheng something,Lu Haozheng is a good person,All say,God bless good people,Lu Hao is so strong,Will not die easily。
Ou Jingqing also has a combination of a few steps.。
“Ah Cheng。”
He looked at the blue sea look sad。
The firefighter combined with the police ship occupied this sea area.,Someone is saving。
European, do not believe,So strong A category is from them.。
He looks back at a little bit.,Looking at Xiao police officer,“Depression,Accreditation,But I hope that the police should not disclose news.,The car in the city will not have no brakes without any reason.,All of his vehicles I have done a comprehensive examination two days ago.,There is no problem with any problems。”
Mu Zihao and Su Sei Ming do not believe in this fact。
Su Sei Ming received a phone call from Lin Ye at this time.。
Su Seiming sound line pain。
Lin Shuoxia:“Su total,The start of the Group,Used in real estate10Billion funds have been turned away from。”
Su Sei Ming people can’t believe they have heard。
“check,Give me check,Who is it??
Which born is in the end??
This is simply a premeditious murder.。”
Su Seiming, like a thunder’s voice at the scene,Let everyone shocked。
Blue Xin heard the two words of murder,Quickly stop crying。
Do not,She can’t be so fragile,She does not believe,The person who loves her life will go to her.。