No matter how bad the mood is,Class too,Otherwise, I will sleep in the bridge hole next month。

Just walked to the door,One person quickly jumped into the carriage,Hit Chen Xiu hard。
“Walking without eyes,Rushing home for the funeral??”Chen Xiupuo’s seven meat and eight vegetables,Curse in my heart。
Looking back, I saw four strong men rushing into the subway。
Still cursing angrily in my heart,But I can’t take care of so much at the time。
If you’re late again, you won’t be able to keep full attendance。
Fusheng pawnshop。
Just finished punching the card,I heard a bitter voice:“A dirty body is the same as a tattered one,The guests thought that our pawn shop was a garbage collection station.。”
“Really a hillbilly,I can’t even do personal hygiene。”
“Good for nothing。”
The speaker is Li Kui’an, the master of the pawn shop。
I usually look cold at Chen Xiu,Just seize the opportunity,Sarcasm。
Because it’s senior,Direct leader again,So Chen Xiu always endured。
But today I was in a irritable mood,Chen Xiu couldn’t help but rise in anger,Can’t help but dare:“Someone,Learned to speak for decades,Just can’t learn to shut up。”
“I heard that I don’t accumulate morality,After death, go down to the hell。”
“That tongue,Pull out dozens of centimeters long,Around my neck。”
“Click and pull,The eyes are protruding。”
Li Kui’an didn’t expect Chen Xiu who would let him round and flatten,I dared to talk back to myself today,Satirize him insinuatingly。