The footsteps fade away,Suddenly the tree pole shook,A scent is coming,Xia Jian turned around,Dragon Ball has sat on the branch next to him。

She stretched out her hand naughty,Hugged Xia Jian,Softness of a woman’s body,Plus the scent from her,Xia Jian almost fainted,If not for a task tonight,Sitting on a branch with such a beautiful woman and watching the stars,That’s such a romantic thing。
“President Xia!How to do?Are we following,Take them down at the construction site,There are only two people anyway,The problem shouldn’t be big“The dragon ball is in Xia Jian’s ear,Speak softly。
Xia Jian took back his hurrying mind,Thought for a while and said:“Two of them,If caught,Others promised not to show up again,We have to find a way,It’s best to end up“
“You mean we don’t move,When they go back,We followed quietly?“Dragon Ball asked with surprise。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“I mean,But from their conversation,Many people can hear them,Just from a few of us,I’m afraid it will be difficult“
Xia Jian’s words just fell silent,Suddenly a head popped out from under the branches,Just listen to the snap,The branch on which Xia Jian was sitting actually broke,In a panic,Dragon Ball also hugged him with the other hand。
Plop,Black eyes,Xia Jian fell into the thick dead leaves,Dragon Ball’s body just hit him,Fortunately, the bottom is soft,Otherwise, you will be hit by Dragon Ball like this,He may be over in this life。
“President Xia!Are you OK?“Fang Fang’s anxious voice。
Xia Jian just understood,Fang Fang again,It seems that her two eyes are always on Xia Jian,As soon as I found out that Dragon Ball followed up the tree,She didn’t worry and followed,Unexpectedly, this branch simply cannot bear the weight of three people,Can only be broken。
Xia Jian pushed,Only then did Dragon Ball let go of the two hands that held him tightly,at this time,Fang Fang has touched it,She suddenly turned on the flashlight,The light that slapped the eyes shone on Xia Jian,Okay,Dragon Ball and Xia Jian are separate,Otherwise this scene will be good。
“Mischief!Close“Xia Jian sternly scolded。
Fang Fang clicked,Turn off the flashlight,Asked guiltily:“Are you all right?“
“Nothing,Ask them to come over“Xia Jian touched the black and pulled a handful of dragon balls,The two walked up to Fang Fang and sat down。
When Zhang Sangui and Heiwa arrive,Xia Jian whispered:“Situation has changed,It seems our plan needs to be changed,No signal here,Zhang Sangui quickly returned to the city,Notify Bucheon Forest Police Headquarters,Just say that there are criminal gangs mining gold mines privately,When the others wait for these two guys to return,Follow them,Touched their nest,We will leave marks along the way“