“Don’t kill!It’s almost a lesson!”Lu Menglin yelled with a smile。

“You want to be beautiful!Kill me!”Daming Song finally found a chance to repay,Cheer up,Roar loudly。
Lu Menglin shrugged,He shook his head helplessly and smiled bitterly:“Don’t get excited,I didn’t tell you!”
Only a moment,Huang Shaotian turned into a series of afterimages ,Sword into the enemy line。
With the speed of her swordsmanship,The Essence of Swordsmanship,Strong sword energy,Deal with this group of mobs of level 35 and 6,Like a tigress into the flock,Chopping melons and vegetables。
what!what!People keep falling to the ground with a sword,Howls。
If it wasn’t for Lu Menglin’s words, don’t kill,She can kill all the garbage in one go。
Chapter 980 Instruct
Daming Song was stunned,He watched the scene like a dream in front of him,I was so shocked that my jaw was about to fall。
He finally knows why the pesky mouth gunner keeps smirking。
Because among them,Hidden a real master who is not less than forty level。
Among the newcomers of the Aoki Club,There is a super swordsmanship,A master with a combat power comparable to a forty-level fighter,What kind of operation is this?!
This is more desperate than being here with a wooden knife!
In an instant,The situation suddenly reversed。
The Dragon Snake Gang fell down a lot,The dozen people who rushed up just now,All fell to the ground,Hum harp,Terrible。
Logically,These people have an average of thirty-five levels,Won’t be defeated so easily。And Huang Shaotian’s sword is not heavy,Mainly because she heard Wu Hao shout so loudly。