Clown rescues cows!Joaquin Phoenix practice Oscar winning speech

“Clown” rescues cows!Joaquin Phoenix practice Oscar winning speech
Sauna Night News Joaquin Phoenix practiced his speech when he got the best actor at the Academy Awards.On February 21st, the American Animal Protection Organization, which advocates feeding animals, shared a video on social media. In the video, Joaquin Phoenix rescued a cow and its newborn calf from the Los Angeles slaughterhouse and took themTo California’s Farm Reserve.The video stated that the rescue operation was not planned in advance, and the entire process began with a meeting between the head of the slaughterhouse and Phoenix. The head of the slaughterhouse stated that “the slaughterhouse has regulations that each animal has only 60 seconds from slaughter to death.”Although the responsible person has repeatedly emphasized that they will do their best to adopt the most humane approach, Phoenix said he” does not need any science to prove the animal’s response to pain. “He always believed that all cows would be killed.In the end, with the insistence of Phoenix, he took away a cow and its calf.Earlier, Joaquin Phoenix won the best actor Oscar for the movie “The Clown”, and his award speech that night was considered “the best award speech”.He said that each of us is fighting against injustice, which has led to the topic of unfair treatment of animals. “Many people think that we are the center of the universe. We walk into nature and plunder its resources.We gave the cow an artificial conception, and then stolen its child after it gave birth, even if its painful roar could not save anything.Then we took the milk it used to feed the calf and put it in our coffee and cereal.”Joaquin Phoenix has always been an advocate of animal rights and is a vegetarian.>>> For details, see the manuscript: “The Clown” Phoenix, the editor of the Hollywood Sauna Night Net under the shadow of alcohol and drugs Wu Dongni proofreading Li Lijun