[Effects and effects of dried Osmanthus fragrans]_Useful_Effect

[Effects and effects of dried Osmanthus fragrans]_Useful_Effect

In addition to being an ornamental plant, Osmanthus fragrans also belongs to a kind of scented tea, which can refine sesame oil and can make sweets and cakes. The nutritional effect of dried Osmanthus fragrans is very good. It not only has a therapeutic effect, but also has certain medicines.The value is especially suitable for some elderly people with relatively weak stomach function. It has a certain effect on preventing constipation and cold limbs.

The effect of dried osmanthus and the effect of osmanthus tea on warming yang.

Indications: Hypertension of yang-qi weakness.

Symptoms include dizziness, dizziness, low back pain, chills, cold limbs, loose stools, long urine, pale tongue, white fur, and thin pulses.

The nutritional value of Osmanthus fragrans arrives in winter. When the cold wind blows, many people often feel upset stomach and even feel cold pain. Drinking Osmanthus tea at this time can relieve the symptoms well.

Many pharmacies and supermarkets now sell dried osmanthus, and readers can make osmanthus tea at home.

The method is: add seven to ten dried Osmanthus fragrans to the right amount of black tea, brown sugar, and brew with hot water.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Osmanthus fragrans has good medicinal value.

The ancients said that osmanthus is the strength of 100 medicines, so the wine made with osmanthus can achieve the effect of “drinking Chitose”.

Sweet-scented osmanthus is warm, spicy, enters the lungs, large intestine meridian, decoction, takes tea or soaked orally. It has the effects of warming and dispersing cold, warming the stomach and relieving pain, reducing phlegm and stasis, reducing appetite, sputum, asthma, hemorrhoids, Ulcer disease, closed abdominal pain have a certain effect.

Black tea is warm and has the functions of warming the spleen and stomach, helping digestion, and can promote appetite; brown sugar has the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, strengthening the spleen and warming the stomach, expelling wind and dispersing cold, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, and is especially beneficial to women, children and anemia.
Therefore, people with weak spleen and stomach and weak spleen and stomach function can drink osmanthus tea to warm the stomach appropriately.

However, people with hot and painful stomach pain, dry mouth, but increasingly do not want to eat, yellow urine, sticky stools and other symptoms of hot and humid spleen and stomach are not suitable for replacement.

In addition to osmanthus tea, osmanthus, pure lotus root powder and white sugar can be brewed into sweet-scented osmanthus lotus root powder, delicious and appetizing; or take high-quality jujube, cook with sugar, add osmanthus when the soup will run out, and add osmanthus to strengthen the spleen and appetite.Candied dates.