[Baozi needs some kind of material]_ 粽子 _How to do_How to do

[Baozi needs some kind of material]_ 粽子 _How to do_How to do

With the improvement of people’s living standards, in terms of eating zongzi, it can be said that the taste is more unique. The zongzi stuffing is also changing with each passing day.When you can try to choose some slightly oatmeal, a certain ingredient will better condition the body, and can also satisfy people’s love for rice dumplings.

When making dumplings, it is not a hindrance to consider replacing some traditional glutinous rice with oats, alkaline rice, and black rice.

Coarse rice is rich in precipitated fiber, trace elements and vitamin B group; its supplementary fiber content is three times that of white rice.

Oat grains are also rich in accumulated precipitated fiber. Long-term consumption can increase continuous bile acid excretion and reduce blood cholesterol.

The rice part of Baozizi can be replaced by grains, such as barley kernels, oats, and red beans.

However, people with diabetes should note that these grains are still staple foods. After eating zongzi, the amount of other staple foods should be reduced to avoid excessive sugar intake.

For gastrointestinal problems caused by inadvertent diet, if it is caused shortly after consumption, the symptoms are slightly acute, you can quickly prevent the Neiguan acupoint above the wrist, which can slightly reduce stomach discomfort.

Inside the arm is a fracture of the arm. Three fingers on the horizontal stripes of the wrist are in the middle of the two tendons.

However, gastrointestinal discomfort often occurs, which is chronic, and the author repeatedly repeats. The physician recommends taking another Zusanli point on the lower leg to enhance gastrointestinal function.

Zusanli is located on the outside of the lower leg, and is inserted where the lower four fingers are wide, where the muscle is the thickest.

Doctors suggest that after eating zongzi, take a short rest, get up and take a walk, or gently rub the belly with your hands in the lower right and upper left ways, which can increase abdominal blood circulation and promote gastrointestinal movement.

At the same time, it is recommended to increase the amount of exercise. After all, the conversion of eating can reduce the chance of gaining weight through transmission consumption.

Nutritionists said that at the same time, skinless chicken leg meat can be used instead of traditional pork belly. Chicken meat contains lower lipids than red meat, which can reduce saturated trace intake.

At the same time adding seaweed, maggot and Pleurotus eryngii: seaweed, rich in synthetic fiber, calcium and iron, will increase the fresh taste of gardenia.