Women would be jealous if they die

Women would be jealous if they die

The term “jealous” is quite interesting: a minister’s wife is known for being jealous. One day the emperor called her and said, “If you can’t change the jealousy, just drink this bottle of poisonous wine!

“I didn’t expect the woman to grab the poison bottle.
It must be: “I can’t change it, I drink!

“Oh, Gu Digu, drink it all.
Fortunately, the emperor gave her only a bottle of vinegar, but it could be trimmed. A woman would rather be jealous if she died.

And would you rather die?

After all, it’s not the woman’s steadfastness to love that requires her to be equally loyal.
When men think of their former or future girlfriends, they think more of the person around them.
“It is better to take pity on the person in front of you.
“The woman around you who brings rain to your pear blossoms, is more intense, or is crying and hanging, is the person you have to protect for life.
  My friend’s husband took to the streets to look at beautiful women. When he was infatuated once, he was pushed down by the friend by the friend, and he almost lost his life.
It can be seen that the woman’s jealousness comes up, and the power is still not small. If you are afraid of the insiders but are not restless, then you deserve to suffer.
The friend’s husband complained to others that his woman was too jealous, he couldn’t stand it, and there was a sense of regret in his words.
Man, you ask yourself, if the green cloud covers your head one day, it must be a mess.
  The water did not pass, although Yang Xiong and Shi Xiu killed Miss Pan Qiaoyun with one stroke, even Wu Dalang, who was a dwarf, could not stand the green hat Pan Damei had prepared for him.The court said it was a “crime against the family”. As for the splash of sulfuric acid, the use of petrol, and even the killing of blood, which are popular among modern men, they are often heard!

A woman would be jealous if she died, which means that the other person is her life-long person who looks up and cares for her.
And men are afraid that the “three wives and four concubines” will be lost to their generation, so they will inevitably sneak out outside. They have developed limbs, and their intelligence is often low. After stealing the lipstick, they will leave lipstick marks and return home with perfume., You said, can your woman not be jealous?