TCM massage to help you fall asleep easily

TCM massage to help you fall asleep easily


Compression of the pericardium: Insert the midline along both upper arms and press from the top to the bottom, and then focus on the pain points. 1?
2 times.


The point of rubbing Shenmen: The point of Shenmen is located at the ulnar end of the striated carpal muscle and the radial recess of the ulnar flexor carpal tendon. Before going to bed every day, use the threaded surface of the thumb and rub the ShenmenIt is advisable to swell with acid, repeat 30 times for each hand.


Rubbing the Yongquan point before bedtime: Take a supine position before going to bed every day, slightly flex your calf, and press your two feet against the bed surface, doing up and down rubbing motions, 30 times a day.


Twist the earlobe: pinch the earlobe with the thumb and forefinger of both hands, and gently twist the earlobe to make it feel sore and painful. Roll for about 2 minutes.


Comb hair method: Use fingertips and bend your hands. Except for your thumb, the remaining 4 fingers are used to strike the scalp vertically.

3 every day?
5 times, at least 5 minutes each time.

Combs can also be used, as before.