High content of ten sugar water and fattening TOP

High content of ten sugar water and fattening TOP

See how many of these syrups migrate, do you like them?

Perhaps it is that it will eventually make you gain two pounds!


Mung bean sand (180Kcal / bowl) Mung bean sand and red bean paste can be said to be a pair of red and green sapphire, because the calorie content, nutrients and similar, the calcium content of beans is indispensable, rich in vitamin BIt also helps prevent beriberi.

Since the red mung beans are tied, choose which one to look at your own taste!

  Nutrition: Protein: 3.


9 sugar: 39 fibers: 0.

4 (per gram) fattening index: ★ ★ ★ 2.

Tofu flower (120Kcal / bowl) Tofu is a product of soybeans. It is rich in nutrients. It is also a kind of beauty food. Soybeans can stimulate cell growth and delay aging. Lecithin can remove blood plasma from the blood vessel wall and keep heart blood pressure healthy.
It also provides choline that prevents minor hoarding and prevents obesity caused by a lack of choline.

Therefore, tofu is definitely the most healthy and beneficial product.

Of course, adding too much sugar when eating is a different matter.

  Nutrition: Protein: 7.

6 姨: 2 sugar points: 19 fibers: 0 (per gram) fattening index: ★ ★ 3.

The trace content of the peach (130Kcal / bowl) peach is originally high, but due to the relative content of protein and a few, the calorie content can be maintained at a low level.

Moreover, the peach peach has a high nutritional value, especially containing a variety of vitamins, minerals and linoleic acid, there are black hair beauty, moisturizing anti-aging, laxative and partial use, it can be said that it is a beauty product, alsoIt is a good choice for people who are greedy and fat.

  Nutritional ingredients: protein: 1.


2 sugar: 27 fibers: 1.

3 (per gram) fattening index: ★ ★ 4.

Sago dew (140Kcal / bowl) sago dew can be regarded as low-calorie syrup, which was originally a good choice for people who are afraid of fat, but sago is a finished product, the nutrients it supplies, the difference with food such as rice and rice noodles.Going, there is really no need to supplement it. It is okay to satisfy your appetite, but don’t go to the other fruits, especially mango, because a mango’s calories are240 nutrients: protein: 0.

8 姨: 2 sugar points: 30 fibers: 0 (per gram) fattening index: ★ ★ 5.

Almond paste (205Kcal / bowl) almond paste has a slightly lower calorie content than sesame paste, while almonds are rich in aunts, protein, iron and calcium, which promote the growth of cells, and often help to moisturize the skin.

In addition, almonds also have a sliding effect. When you have constipation, you can help you solve your troubles!

But don’t forget its fattening index.

  Nutrition: Protein: 3.

5姨: 3.

5 sugar points: 36 fibers: 4 (per gram) fattening index: ★ ★ ★ ★ 6.

Red bean paste (180Kcal / bowl) red bean paste can be said to be approachable in the sugary water, which is because it has always been a popular choice for everyone, and the calorie is not too high.

That is, people who are afraid of fat, it is fine to eat a little.

In addition, red beans are rich in starch, protein, fiber and vitamins A and B, especially cellulose, which can prevent constipation.

It has a diuretic effect and can eliminate edema.

  Nutrition: Protein: 3.


9 sugar: 39 fibers: 0.

4 (per gram) fattening index: ★ ★ ★ 7.

White fruit yuba yoghurt water (220Kcal / bowl) its calorie content is originally the same as peanut paste, but because an egg contains 75Kcal, as long as the egg is removed, the calorie content is greatly reduced, if the fat can be adjusted.The nutrient content of the protein is not good, and the egg is replaced by the egg flower. The calorie content of the whole bowl of sugar is also replaced by 220.

  Nutrition: Protein: 10.

9姨: 7.

8 sugar points: 27.

3 fiber: 0 (per gram) fattening index: ★ ★ ★ ★ 8.

The best effect of sesame paste (210Kcal / bowl) sesame paste is to maintain youthfulness. It contains rich protein and a good helper for moisturizing the skin, avoiding the premature appearance of wrinkles.

In essence, it has the function of moisturizing, it can keep black and shiny, so it is not bad to call sesame paste, but its calorie content is quite high, and the amount of sesame is getting higher and higher, and calories are also improved.Of course, if you want to be fat, you have to choose it.

  Nutritional Ingredients: Protein: 3姨: 4.

5 sugar: 40 fiber: 3 (per gram) fattening index: ★ ★ ★ ★ 9.

Peanut paste (220Kcal / bowl) peanut paste is very tempting, it is also very attractive, because the peanut itself’s protein and slight halo are quite rich, too much nutrients, vitamin B,B2, E and calcium.

Vitamins B1 and B2 help to relieve fatigue and relieve stress, while mild linseed oleic acid helps reduce cholesterol and prevent pulse hardening. It is also rich in calories due to its rich protein and trace amounts.

  Nutritional Ingredients: Protein: 4姨: 4 Sugar: 3 Fibers: 6 (per gram) Fertilizer Index: ★★★★10.

Tangyuan (400Kcal / bowl) The glutinous rice balls we usually eat in the market generally have peanuts and sesame seeds. The calorie content is similar, one 60Kcal, one bowl of six tablets, the calorie has reached 360Kcal, plus thoseThe sweet soup made of sucrose, the calorie is over 400 at any time, and the calorie content exceeds the top of the other sucrose.

Although nutrition, peanuts and sesame itself are very rich in nutrition, but probably do not have to add fat to replace this little bit of nutrition!

  Nutrition: Protein: 0.

9姨: 2.

7 sugar points: 8.

7 fiber: 0 (per gram).

  Fertility index: ★★★★★