Escape,The fierce light skyrocket,Step step out is pursuing,Suddenly stiffly,Claw,Pierce the palm of the palm。

He lows,Turning the target toward Liao Jie Chong。
“Golden speed,Covering my body。”
Red copper,The uncle raises hand, the Yinyang Baoyu is stacked in the money sword.,Thirty-six copper money spread,Safety,Have yourself and Liao Jie in the middle。
Red copper swing impact,Half air touch invisible angle,Golden lightwatch,The whole body is like a gun,Solve flying,Draw a wall and fall in the ruins。
“Uncle good resort,You drag him,I am going to chase the demon woman。”
The uncle caught Liao Jie arm,Shakehead:“Jinguang is only guarded,If you go out I can’t help you.。”
“But uncle Do you know what is bloody secret??”
“have no idea。”
The uncle decisively shook his head,Follow:“I don’t know if it doesn’t matter. I left a mark on the woman. Can’t run,Chasing the end of the earth I can find her.。”
Speech,Red copper climbs from the ruins I don’t know how tired Impact golden array。I can tell,This goods have lost their wisdom,All of the action follow this energy。
Beast’s instinct,Be careful Be sure to retaliate。
Liao Jie and the uncle did not speak Strong strong copper variation,Rushing out and definitely,Since this,Sorry,Solve everyone。
ten minutes later Basperpropropathy 跪 跪 跪,Eyes black light sweeps The body makes a large steam,Quickly dehydration becomes a corpse。
No one speaks Both people think that they are more secure。
What is the body?!
It is another five minutes.,Liao Jie buckled Ses, spit from the mouth, spit Wipe on the money sword I am from the red copper corpse.。
Red sword light suddenly It is not enough to with power.,Piercing in the red copper chest,Directly。
“Ager,Can go out。”
“hold on。”
pier,Cold wind,Surm is endless。
Feng Shu pushes the door,Looking at the night under the sea,The brow is crunchy, don’t say。
A few steps late late,Unless it is immediately taken out the sea,Otherwise, don’t expect to catch up with each other.。
Liao Jie didn’t speak,Look at the ghost tattoo on the back,Through the way to break the curse。
Have to recognize,Demon women are still some means,He tried the net world、Two-way road surgery in spring,I can’t remove my ghost tattoo。
No problem,He is not panic at all,Because the uncle is also recruited。
“Let it go,Let’s go back first.。”
Uncle opened the door,There are still many things to handle over the house.,Looking for a clue,Also, confirm that the woman belongs to the branch of Jiu Ji.。
“Ager,This time, you will be unlucky.,I owe you。”
Uncle is sitting in a passenger seat,Night housing tonight,Situation danger,If there is no Liao Jie helps,He enjoys easy,It’s hard to come out.。