“He dare!”

Chen Xiu angrily grabbed a bench in the cabin,Directly crush the bench,Zhang Yuantu looked aside and smacked secretly:“This kid’s true spirit has grown again,I’m afraid it’s not far from entering the product!”
He knew that Chen Xiu had already refined a few strands of Ninth-Rank True Qi at this time.,Already considered a master of entry。
At this time Zhang Yuantu’s satellite phone rang,Zhang Yuantu’s face changed a lot after he was connected。
I hung up after a while and said to Chen Xiu:“Now there is an important thing to tell you,Don’t get excited!”
“what’s up?”There was an ominous premonition in Chen Xiu’s heart。
“The Lin family called me just now,It is said that there have been many murders in Hong Kong and Macao.,These people were all killed by absorbing blood,Should be done by zombies!”
“I am so excited about the appearance of zombies in Hong Kong and Macau……”
Chen Xiu suddenly rang Ou Sheng and Ou Jianhua on Hong Kong Island,Said quickly:“Do you mean that the ancestors of the white tiger sent zombies to Hong Kong Island to deal with the Ou family?”
Zhang Yuantu shook his head and said:“Hard to say,Lin’s sister and brother are not very clear,They are afraid of being attacked by zombies,I dare not leave Australia Island easily。I don’t know much about Hong Kong Island,But through the news,There was a gun battle at a villa on Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island last night!”
“Isn’t Ou’s villa in Victoria Peak?!”
Chen Xiu really can’t sit still,I had to pass the satellite phone of Zhang Yuantu and called Osheng。
“Osheng,it’s me!”
“Chen Xiu,Really you!”Osheng’s voice is slightly hoarse,But very excited。
“I heard that a lot of zombies have entered Hong Kong Island,what is the problem?”
Ou Sheng sighed for a long time.:“I returned to Hong Kong Island and urged my dad not to provoke the zombies on Centipede Ridge,He just won’t listen,Still secretly sent a team to the centipede ridge to contact the fifth ancestor……”