“Yup,You look at the way that and face,And the skilled knife,I want to marry him.。”

Li Hui’s busy direct circle powder in this afternoon countless。
It’s not that the leaves of the leaves are。
“Ye Ge,You do your own,God’s brother takes you to play a day.,You don’t help。”
“Yup,How many of you are capitalism.。”
“Is this a parasite??”
Facing these problems,Ye Shuangzhou also feels funny。
“Hey-hey,All brothers,You are content,If I will be with the face,Will killing chickens have you been going??
And the god don’t know, you don’t know.,That is against live broadcast,Now let you read a day of goddess,Do you think about who let you see??
It’s me,I gave you a lot of live a day.。”
“You know that in order to let you enjoy the beauty of the mountain.,I spent tens of thousands of pieces with mobile devices.,Otherwise, do you think that the signal in the mountain can be so good??”
Listening to the rumor of the leaves,There is a batch of powder in the live broadcast.。
But it’s more“Heartaculture”Crash。
Li Hui Rui is almost the same,Then press directly to press the well water to add a barrel of well water.。
Subsequent pot stickers are also attached to the pot,Cover on a lid,Boiled fire。
Chapter 666, chicken stewed mushrooms can eat millions
Orange flames are slowly increased,Finally, the red scorpion directly turned a piece of wooden stick into the color of the fire.。
The hot air in the pot is also floating again.。
But this time is more of the fragrant flavor of the mushroom.。
A few people taste the taste of the taste, I feel hungry.。
Action an hour,Li Hui also add water three times,Only put a pot chicken stew mushroom。
Li Hui rushed away from the upper yellow chicken oil,Then, the following is the milk white chicken soup.。
If a simple little cock is also not like this color,But there is a mushroom, but it is not the same.。
This time,Several people of the leaves are also busy.。
One of them came out of the kitchen.。
Looking at a few people can’t wait,Li Rong Life:“This time is actually the best chicken soup,When will we have time to meet again, let you taste the Ten Daxie Tang Dynasty?。”
While talking,Li Hui Feng also gives the leaves double double girls.。
Then give the leaves double boat two people。
Finally, he also took a pit in the pot on the pot with a small pot.,Table on the table。
Li Hui is afraid that everyone is not enough to eat,So did two kinds of pot stickers,In the last time, he made a small pot sticker is similar to the kind of squid pot sticker on the outside.,Put it directly into the chicken soup,But he feels best to eat or paste the pot stick on the chicken soup around the iron pan。
Full pot chicken stewed mushroom end table,Li Hui also took out the coriander directly to the fridge in the kitchen.,The onion flowers are white sesame.。
Coriander and chopped green onion,Then on the end table let everyone add it.,What do you like to eat?。
This kind of people who eat French leaves are also the first time.。
“Li brother,Your pair of mutton soup,I may add,Is this chicken stewed mushroom? Isn’t it delicious??
Is it not the same for this taste??”
In the face of the question of leaves,Li Hui is also smile。