However, it is only a time problem.。

“Lying down!”
The sound of the city is ringing,Gongsun’s thief is like a tide,In the blink of an eye, I quit the field of view of the city.。It is already a sunset,Remnant,The city is everywhere, the body and broken banner。
Jinzhou City City,Flag standing,Ten ministers were cut by people,There is only the broken banner to establish the head of the city.,Also proud,Show your own unyielding。
Li Mu, a burst of mouth,Two steps in unconscious retreat,Slide leaning against the city wall,The focal length of the eyes has become somewhat scattered.。
He brought the leader,I died in a big half today.,All is slowly consumed in the melee battle。Defense in the city,Also all of the city,No even one of the preparatory team。
And the southern line,Even not yet,Just let the people of Gongshun’s horse to consume their own strength!
“Come from,Help me up!”
Li Mu’s scorpion is a bit hoarse,Shouted,Nothing, no one cares about him。I shouted a few times in a row.,This has a relaxing running.,Li Yu Road that has been dissevious:“General,Jinzhou City South Of City Wall,Qi Jun is array,It seems to take the glow of the Gongsun’s,I will help you check it out.。”
Why is Li Mu no one?,On the one hand, it is because Gongsun’s mammothing city wall north,The soldiers here are heavy,On the other hand, Qi Jun also attacked from the south.,Those who can also act,I went to the south surface wall.。
Unfair,Jinzhou City breaks,Tonight。
Li Mu’s heart is down。Since Gongsun’s mess,Time is not short,But,He is in Jinzhou,I didn’t see the imperial court one soldier to reinforce。
In fact, this situation,I am very like at the end of the sugar.。
The country’s basic disk is still,but,I am gone in the wind!I don’t know where those army run.,I don’t know why the bureaucratic agencies all over the world will not run.!
to be honest,The heart has changed,Even if a few people are still insisting,Also changed。It is like saying that Hanzhong is occupied by the thief.,So many hometown,A hundred people have a hundred people,Can also make a team of people betray?
But why do these people are moving??
Because they all see,Gongsun’s can’t become a big climate?,I can’t get any big trouble,At least,There is no special threat to them。
Now those people think about,In the end, it is a low head service.,Follow the Qi Jun mixed into the close,Or follow the Yu Wen’s a road to black!
Many people are hope for hope,Because since Yu Wen Tai,They will never go back to the original“Semi-detached”status,therefore,Naturally, it is necessary to mix with strong people.。This is a logic that is easy to understand.。
so,Hanzhong lost,What is the relationship with them??
Hanjiang corridor,Qi Jun Long Drive,Not to be their life?
As long as Gao Bo is not released“Entry,Murder”Delay,Then these people will fight for the preservation strength.。Because the military is in the main crowd,I will definitely find some kind of strength to cooperate.,Situation in this stable。
Weak,It is likely to be“Sacrifice”,Used by Gao Bo Yi“Kill chicken monkeys”。
The drums helped him to go to the other side of the wall.,Li Mu thought a lot of questions。
The old people left behind,Can you be used to eat??Maybe,But then I have to find someone to find someone.,For example, find Dou Yi’s lady princess,Or someone who is solitary,I have to look at people’s face。
More,Dedicated by the former herbes,Come to please the new owner,Don’t doubt,The new owner is Gao Boyi undoubtedly。
Li Mu heard,Gao Bo Yi this artificial account,Familiar with the world,Is quite bad, it’s not good to deal with。Look at the current situation,Qi Jun into the main people,That is, when Li Jia’s head hangs in the city wall。
This is likely to be Gao Boyi used to warn Guan Zhong family,Be sure to obey,Don’t think about supporting the people of Yushen!
why,Who let Yu Wenzhao and Yu Wenxians are fostered in Li Xianjia,And Li Xian is my big brother.!Have this relationship,Don’t you do anyone??
Li Mu does not move the sound of the unhappy,It’s also step to walk to the city of Nancheng.,I saw a black pressure in the sunset.,Light is not good,I can’t see what the flag is written.,I only feel that the military is complete.,Looks quite a good faction。
“I have heard Yang Su from childrens.,Now,Sure enough, it is a teenager.……”
Li Mu sighed,I remembered that Yang Su is also living in Chang’an.,Can’t help but feel。
Why is Gong Sun?,Why do they open a Hanjiang corridor in the south?,Not going to the closed West?
Why is Qi Jun drive Gongsun’s rumor?,Let them become the key to breaking the deadlock of the two armies?
Upper,Sometimes I am fighting,In fact, the winning or negative is often settled in advance.。Li Mu will not stupid thinking that Qi Jun is lucky,So many things“coincide”,However, it is a joints under the countertop.。
obviously,Yang Su gives Gongsun’s opening out a lot of attractive conditions,Let those who have no trust-free circle will be willing to listen to their drive。
“General Li,The enemy is from the city’s essay.。”
Leading a soldier handed a bullion of the arrow to Li Mu。
“Strictly monitor the enemy military,No matter what the tricks they do,It must be returned to me in the first time.,understand!”
Li Mu is severely drunk。