It’s not difficult to own a fairy beast……Of course, it’s not difficult to say here, but it’s just to compare with the fairy beasts of real dragon blood.,It’s like a fairy beast even so rare,There are also five people in the lower realm who have fairy mounts。

only……True dragon blood in the fairy beast,This……It’s a bit exaggerated。
The old man at this time,Behind him, he looked at the vision of the day with the same astonishment,Wait till I recover,The old man swallowed slightly and said:
“Look like this……This fairy,I’m afraid it must be the god of the upper realm。”
Yun Qiyao swallowed slightly,Nodded,Yun Qiyao thought that this fairy might be the upper fairy of the upper realm,But in Yun Qiyao’s heart, the greatest possibility is the super power in the Mahayana period.,Take a look now,Must be the god of the upper realm……
After recovering,Yun Qiyao stepped directly out of the flying boat,Go down to the mountain not far away:
“No problem,The immortal of the upper world is the best,Something cursed like this,Is more sure,The dragon roar just now seems to be a warning from a god,I’m not careful,Let them all retreat,Uncle Jiang, just go with me。”
The old man behind immediately nodded to follow。
And here in the yard,Jingpu, watching the game was not affected by the situation just now,Jingpu is now holding the cup in one hand and looking anxiously at the two players who are playing.:
“Damn,Yeechun, you hit a backhand,Correct!Backhand!!”
But Lingju on the side still frowned and looked at the sky slightly,Don’t know what’s thinking。
quickly,The door of the yard was knocked suddenly,After Jingpu looked back,,Then he handed the cup in his hand to Lingjudao on the side:
“I’ll open the door。”
But Lingju didn’t put the cup,But behind Jingpu,Walk towards the gate of the yard together。
After opening the yard door,Looking at the two people appearing in front of you,Lingju snorted coldly,It’s her!
Jingpu looked at the two people outside,Blinked slightly,Ok??
Doesn’t seem to be human?
When Jingpu looked at the young and old in front of me,Jingpu is a bit strange,who is this,Find your own?