[Can chestnut and sweet potatoes be eaten together]_Sweet potato_Can we eat together

[Can chestnut and sweet potatoes be eaten together]_Sweet potato_Can we eat together

Chestnuts and sweet potatoes can be eaten together. We know that sweet potatoes are also called sweet potatoes, and they are also a kind of food with higher nutritional value. The same is true of chestnuts. They are rich in unsaturated fatty acids.It is diabetic. It is usually eaten properly and can nourish the body. It has certain effects in preventing edema, preventing constipation, and preventing diseases.

Can chestnuts and sweet potatoes be eaten together? You can eat chestnuts and sweet potatoes together. As for the rules of eating, you can choose according to your preference.

Chestnut and sweet potato have some very similar places. The sugar content, starch content, protein content, and crude fiber content of both are relatively high, and they have the characteristics of staple foods such as rice.

However, chestnuts cannot be eaten as a staple food, but sweet potatoes are fine.

2. Dietary matter Regardless of the nutritional value of chestnut, it cannot be taken as a staple food due to its own characteristics. Eating more food is more harmful to the spleen and stomach and easily leads to too much, and the chestnut’s satiety is not obvious.It ‘s easy to eat more.

Compared with chestnut sweet potatoes, it has a good satiety effect. The conversion of the same edible weight is more than half less than that of chestnuts. However, sweet potatoes are best cooked, and raw food can easily cause indigestion.

3, nutrition science chestnut contains comprehensive nutrients, although some nutrients with walnuts, hazelnuts and other nuts are not as high in content but much higher than ordinary fruits and vegetables, so the nutritional value of chestnuts is generally higher.

Sweet potato as a coarse grain is mainly water, starch and a small amount of sugar and other substances, protein, trace, vitamins and minerals are relatively small, so sweet potato fullness is very good.

How to eat chestnuts is the best 1, chestnuts contain a lot of starch, eat more easily lead to indigestion or decreased appetite.

Therefore, pregnant mothers are best to eat chestnuts as snacks between meals, or to eat them in meals, try not to eat a lot after meals.

2. Chestnuts can be eaten raw or cooked.

Raw chestnut can nourish the kidney, cooked chestnut can strengthen the spleen and stomach.

First, chestnuts are steamed and eaten the most nutritious.

3. The number of chestnuts that pregnant mothers eat every day should be controlled, it is best to eat about 5-7 a day; fried chestnuts should be eaten as little as possible.