Ten benefits of olive oil beauty and skin care


Ten benefits of olive oil beauty and skin care


Forget itching.

hzh {display: none; }  在干燥的季节,用橄榄油可防止皮肤皱裂及因皮肤分泌过少引起的瘙痒。People with dry skin are most afraid of winter. The low humidity weather makes your skin itchy and helpless.

Especially after bathing, it feels strangely itchy.

So that you have to be careful in every procedure before and after bathing, otherwise it will be difficult to cause itching for troublesome people!

If the skin is very dry, even the usual moisturizers will not help. At this time, you have to apply olive oil, because the vitamins A, D, and E in olive oil have healing effects on wrinkles and skin allergies.


Beauty hair olive oil makes your hair look like clouds.

If young women have beautiful hair, they can add a little charm and be more lively and cute.

After shampooing, pour a small amount of warm water into the washbasin, drip a little olive oil (depending on the amount of hair and health conditions), and gently rub the hair directly into the palm. The common hair becomes soft, smooth and beautiful to prevent yellowing, Hair loss and reduce dandruff.


Applying olive oil to the cleaned skin surface of Four Seasons Skin Care is good for retaining moisture and moisturizing and nourishing the skin, eliminating and delaying the appearance of wrinkles, and slowing down the ageing of the skin.

Applying olive oil in the summer can prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging the skin, and avoid sunburn, rash, and peeling.

In winter, use olive oil to wipe your face, lips, hands, and feet to moisturize and protect the skin and prevent rough and dry skin.

Massage the abdomen with olive oil after the birth to help eliminate stretch marks.

Wiping the navel and abdomen with olive oil can help massage, help degrade subcutaneous fat and lose weight.


Easily lip care The weather suddenly gets cold, colds or bad stomach, and often it is troubled by peeling and cracking of the lips. Just rub a small amount of olive oil, after two or three days, you can make the lips smooth again.


Beauty bath After bathing, while the pores are open, cover the whole body with olive oil, wrap it with a hot towel, and rinse it with warm water after ten minutes.

Medical aesthetic experts believe that “skin is closest to the face.”

It is said to be wrapped in a small towel, especially the chin part, this product should be used more.


Nutritional makeup can use foundation oil for makeup, which can not only nourish the skin, but also prevent makeup powder replacement and harmful substances in cosmetics from harming the skin.

When unloading, lightly wipe the face with olive oil, which can effectively remove oil paint and chemicals, which is beneficial to remove harmful substances remaining on the surface and prevent excessive erosion.

After applying lipstick, apply a little olive oil to make the lipstick more shiny.

Use olive oil to rub your nails to make them shiny and transparent.

  Olive oil can also dissolve the olive oil mask.

Heat the olive oil to about 37 degrees, then add an appropriate amount of honey, then dip the gauze block in the oil and cover the cracks. Removing it after 20 minutes has the effect of preventing skin aging, moisturizing and removing wrinkles, and is especially suitable for dry skinBy.


In the winter, hands are often exposed to cold water and exposed to the sun and polluted air, which causes the loss of oil and moisture and oxidation, so it is most prone to aging.

Although you have tried your best to protect the playfulness, you accidentally imitated a pair of stained, dry and rough hands, and mercilessly announced your age secret that you had been covering up.

  Dear ladies, if you know the benefits of olive oil, there will never be such an awkward situation.

Olive oil can pamper your delicate hands.

Soak your hands in warm olive oil during weekly special care for your hands to make them smooth and soft.

Applying olive oil to both hands for massage can promote blood circulation, speed up the placement of nutrients on the hands, and relieve hand swelling.

If there is a barb on your finger, you can soak it in olive oil after cutting off the barb. This will prevent the skin from being too dry and cracks in the stratum corneum to regenerate the barb.
After washing your face with beauty and beauty, repeatedly massage gently with olive oil according to the beauty requirements, and then apply it with a steamer or towel to remove dirt that is invisible to the naked eye, increase the gloss and elasticity of the skin, and eliminate fine wrinklesReduces or lightens stains.


Caring for the baby’s skin is very delicate. Applying olive oil to the underarms and hips can prevent the baby’s skin from overflowing with urine or sweat.


It’s hard to see the scar boiling water, hot oil burns, and applying olive oil can alleviate pain and promote healing without leaving scars after healing.