What causes thick yellow tongue coating?

What causes thick yellow tongue coating?

Yellow moss is different from pale yellow, tender yellow, dark yellow, and yellowish brown.

Generally speaking, the darker the yellow fur, the heavier the heat.

Light yellow is slightly hot; yellowish heat is heavier; deep yellow is heavier; brownish yellow is hot junction; yellow and dry is heat injury; yellow and greasy is hot and humid.

  1. The thickness of moss is based on bottom and bottom.

The tongue can be seen through the moss, which is called thin moss, otherwise it is thick moss.

The yellow color indicates that there is heat in the body. According to Chinese medicine, tongue coating is caused by the gas on the tongue that is caused by the gas in the stomach.

  2. The tongue is thick and has a breath, which generally indicates that the stomach is a little problematic.

If you don’t feel any other discomfort at present, you can start with diet and home care.

Maintain a regular life, feel comfortable and happy, eat foods that are easy to digest, eat more vegetables and fruits, eat less fatty and fried foods, it is best not to drink or smoke.

  3, in addition to looking at the tongue, it is recommended to look at the quality of your tongue, which can be compared with the lips. If it is red, it is hot, and the lightness is mostly spleen deficiency.

  4, thick tongue coating, tan to see if it feels greasy, the “greasy” in Chinese medicine is like the feeling of “oil”, if there is that it means there is damp heat in the body, you need to dampen heat.

  5, simple tongue coating thick yellow, yellow indicates that there is heat in the body, it is recommended to eat light food at night, cooler, do not drink, you can quickly come over, because the tongue coating is sometimes related to the weather, summer heat and wet, tongue coating is easyHou, if there is no special discomfort, you can consciously eat some phlegm and heat-reducing things in daily life, such as: Coix seed, lotus seeds, Poria, Poria, Chenpi, etc., will certainly have certain effects.