About deposit insurance, what do you care?

1. What is deposit insurance? Deposit insurance is also known as deposit guarantee, refers to the form of the country through legislation, set up a special deposit insurance fund, clearly paying timely payment of deposits when the individual financial institutions operate, in accordance with the provisions of the depositors, to protect depositors.

2. What is the scope of protection? Based on the deposit insurance regulations, deposit insurance covers all banking financial institutions that absorb deposits, including commercial banks, rural cooperative banks, rural credit cooperatives established in my country.

The insurance deposit includes the renminbi deposit and foreign currency deposits absorbed by the insurance institution. However, the financial institution’s peer deposits, except for senior management of the insurance institution in this insured institution and other deposits that the deposit insurance fund management institution does not pay for insurance. 3. What is the payment limit? According to the deposit insurance regulations, the deposit insurance implements a limited payment, and the maximum solvency limit is RMB 500,000. The same deposit person has a full payment within the highest payment limit of deposits and interest consolidations in the same deposit. Preparation. 4. Does depositors need to pay premium? unnecessary. Deposit Insurance As part of the National Financial Security Network, its source of funding is mainly premiums paying by financial institutions in accordance with regulations.

The main purpose of collecting premiums is to strengthen market constraints in financial institutions, and promote banks to carefully operate and healthy. 5. What circumstances are there? According to the deposit insurance regulations, when the following circumstances, the deposit people have the right to request deposit insurance funds to pay the insurance deposit of the insurance fund: the deposit insurance fund management agency serves as the inspection organization of the insurance institution; deposit insurance fund management institutions have been revoked The liquidation of the insurance; the people’s court decided to accept the bankruptcy application for the insurance institution; other situations approved by the State Council. In order to protect the timely sex of the repayment, fully protect the rights and interests of the depositor, the Regulations, the deposit insurance fund management agency shall pay the deposit within 7 working days from the date of the above situation.

6. When started? The deposit insurance regulations will be implemented from May 1, 2015.

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