After the recovery, the Digital Economy is active. The service industry of Jiangxi economy

According to the relevant data related to the Jiangxi Bureau of Statistics, the Jiangxi service industry has steadily resurrected, and the value-added value increase in the service industry in the first half of the year, faster than a percentage of the national service industry.

The operating income of service industry in the service industry in January – May is increased, and the indicators continue to be good, and the active signal is released for the overall economy.

Trade logistics transformation and upgrading radiation drive effect highlights modern logistics industry is to improve industry competitiveness, smooth "double cycle", and activate the strong support of new development kinetic energy. From January to May this year, the province’s commercial logistics is 100 million yuan, which has increased year-on-year; business income billion, year-on-year growth%, "steady and medium good" situation is obvious. Jiangxi adheres to the major development of the business logistics industry. It is understood that Jiangxi is actively promoting Nanchang to Tong 2 billion yuan rookie network Jiangxi centers, 2 billion yuan in Beijing-East Asia No. 1 smart logistics, 2 billion yuan to pass road port, billion A number of major commercial logistics projects such as Yuanjiujiang Port Hongguang Logistics Park landed, injecting strong power into the service industry.

"Intelligent" "Digital" is helping the traditional Jiangxi logistics industry optimization and upgrading.

In Nanchang County Xiangtang Logistics Park, Jingdong Asia No. 1 warehouse running "Diwo" AGV robot transported goods in the sorting track, greatly reduced labor costs and improved sorting efficiency. Ruihang used the modern logistics industry as a leader, strategic industry, and strive to build the Northern Land Logistics Center.

In May this year, the city of Ruichang International Logistics Innovation practice cases included in the National Development and Reform Commission publicized Logistics Manufacturing Industry and Innovative Development Case depth list.

Currently, Ruichang has opened 30 intercity lines, including Jiujiang, Anqing, Huanggang, Huangshi, Xianning and other nine directions, radiation around 200 km 30 counties (cities, districts), Inter promote agricultural products, industrial products and efficient city circulation, deepen the integration of two industry development, accelerate the development of new local economy, a new format.

May 17, Lin is located in the city of Ruichang International Logistics Park is widely logistics company a busy, staff will crates of eggs, rice, vegetables, live chickens and ducks and other vehicles loaded on logistics, sent to the country.

Lei Lei, general manager of positive-wide logistics company, said the company is building an intelligent sorting warehouse, when completed, can provide product packaging, refrigeration and other services.

Logistics Park in Hengfeng County, tact, BES Huitong has become a regional transport center in northeastern Jiangxi, day and night endlessly transhipment cargo.

Currently, Hengfeng County logistics park express delivery settled up 12 logistics enterprises, the formation of more than 80 express lanes. Hengfeng rapid development of express logistics industry, lead calls business processing enterprises, the electricity supplier and service enterprise platform for logistics enterprises have settled, to promote the revitalization of rural open a new bureau. This year, Hengfeng County, Ma grapefruit yield years, Hengfeng County Red organizing local network anchor, business enterprise together and force, pushing up local produce.

Cohesion digital economy to open a new office in the changing situation in Jiangxi actively seize the first round of technological revolution and industrial revolution Heights, vigorously develop the digital economy, promote the upgrading of modern service industry expansion rules.

This year, Jiangxi Province, unswervingly implement the Digital Economy "One Project", accelerating the development of new new economic momentum, boosting the province’s high-quality leaps and bounds. Nanchang accelerate this year to promote the digital industry, digital industry, focusing on cultivating VR, 5G, big data, cloud computing, networking, Compass applications, artificial intelligence, digital economy, new industries, new formats, new models; accelerate the Nanchang Hi-tech Zone " 5G + VR ", Nanchang digital economy in Hong Kong, Nanchang County intelligent equipment manufacturing, new district of things, Qingshanhu flow of economic and other eight digital park construction economy characteristic industry, precision docking global industrial chain, supply chain, innovation chain, value chain, introduction a number of high-quality projects. Nanchang High-tech Zone "5G + VR" in the ecological improvement noticed.

Currently, the region gather hardware and software VR, 5G and mobile intelligent terminal business totaled 30. Among them, software services, content production and other 15 enterprises, VR hardware manufacturers 5, related upstream and downstream supporting enterprises 10.

To foster the development of new momentum, Nanchang Xihu District actively promote the transformation to enhance the commercial district, guide INSITE Plaza commercial complex network of Red Lake District introduced hundred restaurants, retail IP, and strive to build the province’s first network red brand gathering, shaping "red net new retail + live + AI + big data," the new digital commercial plaza.

As the country’s fourth-largest Knitting Garment base, Qingshanhu Textile products for export more than 90%, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic influence. To this end, Qingshan Lake guide within the jurisdiction of Textile and garment enterprises OCS touch flow, a flow rate of the economy to promote traditional industries remodeling.

Many traditional companies timely adjust the direction, innovation and sales, through the "cloud" to find a single, live with goods, etc., sales have been greatly improved.

Some business executives said that sales accounting for more and more new media live weight.

It is understood that at Castle Peak Lake covers an area of million square meters of Jiangxi flow of economic industrial park will soon be put into use, the new economy and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries enabling two-way, will further boost the formation of new economic growth areas.

The first half of the new economy in Jiangxi storage revenue grew%, higher than the province’s tax revenue growth percentage points; new economic storage revenue accounted for the proportion of the province’s tax revenue% over last year to enhance percentage points, and gradually expand the scale of the new economy, accounting continued to improve, to further enhance the leading role.

Culture Travel remarkable fusion of sustained consumption potential release of "51" during this year, the cumulative tourists Jiangxi% increase over the same period in 2019, tourism revenue growth of 2019% over the same period.

A group of red tourist attractions to become a hot punch. Fully rely on red superior resources, to create an immersive interactive experience, Jiangxi red tourism success to a circle.

August First Uprising Memorial "5G + VR" red tourism demonstration area, the former site of the New Fourth Army Museum "cloud" exhibition …… Jiangxi many attractions have launched 5G + VR / AR immersive travel applications.

Plug in the wings of science and technology, Jiangxi Culture Travel industry usher in new opportunities.

In the Ganjiang River, large-scale immersive live performance "Poetic Dream" fascinating fusion of culture, science and technology, lighting, art, let Wang Bo, Wang etc. presented one by one from the Tang Dynasty to modern times historical figures, like Poetic Chinese culture. " living room ", visitors experience a sense of greatly enhanced.

Scientific and technological innovation to make Poetic scenic revitalize.

In the first half of this year, Jiangxi and actively cultivate many places to create distinctive, driven by strong consumer text brigade night gathering area, such as the ancient city of Yichun City in the carrier held the second "fireworks Kiss" campaign, to attract more than 20,000 visitors a day night; Shangrao Gexian village turned resort season night sky, majestic water curtain movie, cool light show projector, Chinese clothing lantern garden, a romantic dinner, the stars become the highlight event of the night season, "May day" holiday on the first day tourists about million.

To create "high-quality text brigade" brand, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the tourism market, May 1, Shangrao implement mechanisms for restitution of integrity in travel within the city, around the "do not let a tourist wronged," the objectives, set up a "Shangrao Tourism integrity claims Center ", set up 20 million yuan tourism integrity restitution of gold, will extend the scope of restitution by the tourism and shopping tourism to the whole industry chain and improve business credit management levels and tourists consumer confidence, stimulate market consumption potential and vitality. It is understood that in August this year, Jiangxi will carry out the province’s "Hundred Days Hundred Counties" text brigade consumption season activities, the linkage of the province 100 counties (cities, districts), co-sponsored the text brigade depth of integration to promote consumer online and offline activities, further create a strong consumer atmosphere. (Tanglin Yun) Editor: Feng Ming.