Beijing Shijingshan District Physical Education Teacher and World Championships join hands to create ice skating

It is reported that in order to better promote this special ice and snow exercise in Shijingshan District promotion, Shijingshan District Education Commission organizes the full set of sports teachers of 34 primary schools in the district of Shijing Mountain, the full set of motives of "rhythmic ice and snow" in the primary and secondary school students of Shijingshan, and will be recorded Good teaching demonstration video is sent to each primary school, and then professors and learning from all schools using sports class, class exercises, and outdoor sports after class. At present, the ice and ice exercise is promoting other schools in the area, thereby letting more students experience the unique charm of this operation.

He Yun, the president of the second primary school in the ancient city, said that the movement of the entire ice and snow exercise in line with the characteristics of the scientific, fun, time of the radio gymnastics, and extracts the action elements of the main project of the ice and snow, and cultivate the rhythm of the students. Sense, popular ice and snow movement has a positive driving role, deeply loved by the children, enriching the school’s sports activities, has effectively supplemented the service content after "double reduction", but not completely replacing traditional broadcast gymnastics . According to Shao Lei, deputy director of Shijingshan District Education Commission, Shijingshan District, Ice and Snow, "Rhythm Ice", is listed as an important part of "Let’s come together to welcome Winter Olympics", which has gradually become the daily life of the school. project.

In the future, Shijingshan District will continue to deepen the creation of "300 million people to participate in the Ice Snow Sport" Demonstration Zone to create results around "serving Winter Olympics, Winter Olympics, participating in Winter Olympics", and strive to achieve each school during the "14th Five-Year Plan" At least 1 campus ice and snow sports team, special college or club, primary and secondary school students master the struggle of 1-2 ice and snow sports skills, let more youth increase the ice and snow experience, master the ice and snow sports skills, enjoy the fun of the ice and snow competition, Confidence is full of 2022 Winter Olympics.

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