Li Tianzhen left alone in a flatbed truck,Is a very outrageous thing,It can be said that in combat,Old man Dong will make serious mistakes,But no one questioned and blocked,Gu Changfeng、Lan Ling won’t,Sheng Guangda will not,The follow-up support troops do not understand the situation,Then even more not,Just watched the big car go away。

“What are you looking at?Work!”Gu Changfeng roared,Rushed up with the special forces team,Those panicked blood races were instantly caught by countless big leather boots、**Get down,No one resists,A lot of sluggish faces,I was scared by the horrible battle last night,I didn’t stupidly see that Li Tianzhi’s men were merciful and didn’t take their lives,I’m already thankful,Where can I resist?。
Chapter one thousand and sixteen Bold ideas
A few days later,Li Tianzhen’s injuries were brought under control,The bloody smell in the small world has dissipated cleanly,Zhihai is the first to have vitality,Then from the coast to the distant mountains there is blue,The ugly scars on the ground disappeared,And the burned forest also has seedlings growing。
Fast recovery,Let the wandering Dayan feel relaxed and happy,The monsters who survived the war were all wounded in the small world by Li Tianzhen,Meeting Dayan is naturally respectful,Not only is there no fierceness at all,And pick out what to say,Although I can’t talk about flattering,But it also made Dayan get goose bumps all over。
Naturally, these monsters want him,I hope that Dayan will speak nicely in front of Li Tianzhen,Let them stay in the small world for a while,The aura here is unimaginable,The improvement of cultivation is terrifying,It’s like returning to the real world of the wild world,Linger。
The reason why the monsters dare not face Li Tianzhi,It’s because of a scum two-headed flood that escaped,After the war,Li Tianzhu never gave them a good face,Everyone feels anxious,I had to turn to Dayan。
Dayan knew that Li Tianzhen had other ideas,It’s just a sign,But this thought made Dayan’s heart beat wildly,Too incredible and bold,Too exciting,Li Tianzhen wants to use the innate interest in his hands to open up a new world。
Although Li Tianzhen still doesn’t know how to develop,But for good reasons, Dayan is irrefutable,Since it is a chaotic soil,Only with Xiyang, we have the Primordial Continent and Metaverse,After continuous evolution,Finally, there is a colorful world,This process seems right,And Li Tianzhen himself is a chaotic body,Congenital soil,Why not try?
This process is very difficult,No one has ever tried to succeed,In the long history of this universe, not many people dare to have such an idea,The reason why the guys headed by the Great Asura God want to snatch the congenital remnant in the hands of Li Tianzhu,The purpose is to recreate the continent and the world,That was forced,In fact, in Dayan’s opinion, it is a very absurd gambling,Even if you grab the congenital soil,No chaotic matter is no good,He didn’t think that the eyes of the Great Asura god could see that Li Tianzhen was a chaotic body,Otherwise, I wouldn’t want to kill Li Tianzhen like an idiot.。
But now,Li Tianzhen had this idea instead,And I was stubborn and started to try,Dayan had to admire,In just a few days, he found a way out of his imagination,Although there is no hope,But it is undoubtedly a pioneering move。
Suddenly seeing a little fluorescence in a desperate situation is enough to make people excited,Dayan is currently in this state,As an old fairy who has lived for thousands of years,He hasn’t experienced the taste of impulse for a long time,But this time,There is indeed a strong impulse,Let him decide what to help Li Tianchou。
A lonely mountain ahead,Rise from the ground like a javelin,A few days ago, he was burnt bare by the will of the blood river、Black and black,Now it also has a shadowy blue,‘Son of Metaverse’Sat on the top of the lonely mountain,His injuries have basically healed,But my mind is lazy and depressed a lot,He despise Dayan,Also look down on Li Tianzhi。
But since witnessing the horror war between two powerful wills in the small world,‘Son of Metaverse’Hit hard,An arrogant mood plummeted,In a career of destruction and battle,He has encountered too many powerful enemies,But I have never seen such a strong will,He even doubted whether he could shoot a Yuan Huang arrow under the terrifying pressure of this will.,Until that moment,He knew that the truth is not a lie。
And design this battle,And Li Tianzhen, who dared to provide the gods as a battlefield, is definitely a lunatic,Even suicide,There is no god or devil willing to choose this way,The pain of being burnt and tortured by the consciousness and soul,It’s not something that any god or devil can bear,‘Son of Metaverse’Always claiming to be a lunatic,But I didn’t expect to be in front of a real lunatic,He is so dim and not worth mentioning。