immediately,From various sources,Learned the whole story。

“report,Has entered the Urauula region,Whether to search now?”
The vanguard of the iron-blooded blades has arrived in the Urauula area,To the place that was previously attacked。
Blood on the ground,The corpse of the comrades-in-arms invisibly explained the intensity of the battle。
Because it’s just escorting the creeper,So the escorted team did not carry heavy weapons。
The face here is devastated,Are caused by the enemy using heavy weapons。
When they haven’t reacted,The enemy suddenly used heavy weapons on a large scale。
Even if the Hongchen team are all extraordinary,But under absolute power,Have to suffer。
In the end that’s it,Suppressed by firepower,Under absolute power,Was wiped out in a short time。
Because the Ula Ula area is that kind of hilly terrain,And the place where the Red Dust team’s accident happened is in an open area。
There is a hillside less than 300 meters away from the wide belt。
This hillside is where the enemy hides。
Wait until Red Dust and their escort team arrives。
First, it was firmly suppressed by the firepower of heavy weapons。
In the end, he was dragged to death on this open belt.。
See the misery on the ground,Rao is such a determined man like Qin Hao,Feel a burst of anger。