He scratched his scalp with a little embarrassment and smiled:“Qin…Miss Qin is here too”To know,Qin Xiaomin turned out to be a household name in Pingdu,Now Chen Erniu doesn’t know where she was transferred,So he doesn’t know how to call it anymore。

“Hi!Don’t be embarrassed。That’s all in the past,You can call me Qin Xiaomin now,It still looks kinder”Qin Xiaomin’s smile,She seemed very calm when she said this。
Just when Xia Jian and Chen Erniu were standing in the courtyard talking,Two more people appeared on the balcony on the third floor。One is Xia Sanhu,The other is Ma Yan。
Xia Jian glanced downstairs,Hurriedly opened the trunk and said:“Erniu!Come here。I brought some small gifts for the three of you,These two shares are the same for the man and the three tigers,The other one is for Ma Yan。Give it to them, right?!”
“What do you mean?Don’t want to go upstairs?”Chen Erniu asked softly。
Xia Jian glanced at Qin Xiaomin beside him and said:“Go up!You bring these things up first。You, I find more and more nonsense”
Chen Erniu smiled,Put the plastic bag and left。He said in the whole Xiping Village,This is Xia Jian。If he gets muddy,I’m really not afraid of the king,But only Xia Jianyi came forward,He will admit counsel immediately。
But a brother for many years,Love in it。Chen Erniu can listen to Xia Jian,Xia Jian treats him well。Let him be a cadre in Xiping Village,It’s tantamount to treating him as a gangster in the village,Hit the road。At this point,Chen Erniu is very grateful to Xia Jian。
Wait for Chen Erniu to leave,Xia Jian called Qin Xiaomin around and said:“Go up in a while,Ma Yan might give me a face,You must not care about her。This is an impatient girl,It’s okay after that”
“understand,I’m not a fool”Qin Xiaomin said,Go upstairs in front of Xia Jian。Xia Jian was taken aback,Hurriedly caught up from behind。At this point,He looks after,Feel that I’m not as good as a woman。
In the office of the building,Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu are looking at their gifts,And Ma Yan was in a daze sitting at the desk。
“Ma Yan!You don’t know me anymore?”Qin Xiaomin stepped in,He smiled and greeted Ma Yan。
Ma Yan was taken aback,Hurriedly stood up。She smiled awkwardly and said:“Sister Qin is here,Please sit down”Ma Yan seems to be mentally prepared,This change is so fast。
Qin Xiaomin walked over very generously,Twisted and sat on the sofa。Xia Sanhu didn’t say hello to Qin Xiaomin,But walked directly to Xia Jian’s side in two steps。
“Okay you!Play and disappear!”Xia Sanhu said,Raise your hand,He punched Xia Jian in the arm。
Ma Yan’s face is a bit ugly,So she still smiled at Xia Jian:“I thought you went to the moon,I won’t go back to Xiping Village in this life”
“How is that possible?Xiping Village is my hometown,Even after a hundred years,I also want to lie on the land of our hometown”Xia Jian was joking,So he sat down beside Qin Xiaomin。
Chen Erniu is a very smart person,He found the weirdness in this atmosphere,So he hurriedly said to Ma Yan:“Village chief!Take out your good tea!This is the most distinguished guest in our village”