Time goes by。

Only the fifth day,The highest grade【Golden Jade Fire】Has reached the level of first-grade earth fire,Later, Li Ming took out a dull stone from the storage space,Control a scroll of golden jade fire,Grind the stones。
This stone,Is a precious material—Baidi Stone。
Baidi,Jindi,It is a kind of metallic treasure,The power of nature with metallicity inside。
【Golden Jade Fire】Absorb the natural energy in this treasure,Begin to transform。
The rate of transformation is very steady,But Li Ming is still focused,Temporarily increased the other three ground fires。
Half a day later,【Golden Jade Fire】Metamorphose into【Jin Yu Tian Huo】
quickly,The other three fires,Have reached the extreme one after another,Li Ming blended the other two rare materials into it,Also transformed into sky fire。
Only part of the heart is absorbed into the fire,formed【Six Desires】。
at this time,It’s only 18 days before Li Ming retreats。
“Boom boom boom~”Li Ming’s Purple Mansion,Relatively docile【Qinglian Skyfire】And controlled【Six Desires】Intertwined,At the same time the power of divine consciousness,The vitality in the body is turned into a pair of big hands,I want to exert pressure to merge the two sky fires into one。
If Li Ming understands a popular way,It’s much easier to control Skyfire like this,It’s a pity that he is not good at being popular in this life,But the way of formation is inclusive of everything,Can barely control。
More importantly,With the power of his divine body,Not afraid of backlash,This is the key。Even if the Purple Mansion is exploded,Drink some yuan liquid and quickly recover。