Li Huihe heard Xu Ningfeng’s words,Also sighing a mouthful:“Then let me go see,At that time, the girl has been saying three four,Xu Madi, you can help clarify。”

Said that Li Hui is also chasing it out.。
Li Hui has just gone for a long time.,People in the other room in the office have exposed a tone show。
“How about it?
Li Hui is not angry.?
I just said that your daughter of your family is definitely a natural person.,So beautiful is that Li speaks from the wind to be cheated, it should also like this scam.。”
Yu Xiaoguang heard the village head,It is not happy.。
“I have heard it just now.,Woman having a favorite woman,Although women are not,But as long as the woman is coming back,People also have no hesitation,Anyway, this is what I can’t agree.,I just like this baby daughter.,Can’t let your daughter wronged,And my girlfriend is just walking.,That proves that my girlfriend can’t see him.。”
I heard Xiaoguang.,Ma Xuan is also a glimpse。
They have always thought that Li Hui is looking at the problem of Mengmeng.,It is ignored that I can see Li Hui’s problem.。
“Be old,We are not so good to say this.,But Xiao Li people at least honest.,What is told you a woman?,Take this,The character didn’t say it.?”
“And Xiao Li in Lotus Village,Zhao Jia Village,Things of peach blossom village,You also know,Add up to the body is absolutely more than 10 million,Now I have to get medicine,That’s also to say that Xiao Li has a good money.,Such a reliable son-in-law you go to find?”
“The most crucial thing is,You can’t see Xiao Li.,Very likely to be the nature of the gase,Don’t go home, don’t go home.。”
Analysis of Ma Xun,Other people have also persuaded:“Yes,Old than my family, if you can have your family, you are so beautiful.,Don’t say that Li Hui has a woman who is like.,Be,I have to let the prostitutes fight for a,Once successful,That life, but the clothes are worry-free.。”
“Yes,I have heard it just now.,The little Li Yixiang is to praise the old man’s beautiful,Then ask if there is anyone chasing the problem,The first impression is definitely good。”
Yu Xiaoguang is said by everyone,The heart is also suddenly moving.。
He also don’t know if it should be stopped.。
Li Hui did not know that there will be so many people to listen to the office next to him.。
I didn’t think that those people said that there is an excuse to leave.,It turned out to be secretly slipped to the next door.。
Just chase the door of the village committee,He saw that Yu Meng Meng in the wall was constantly licking.,At the same time, I will try it up.。
Yu Meng Meng did not expect that Li Hui Feng will chase it out.。
Seeing Li Hui’s moment,She is also directly to endure pain, I want to put high-heeled boots.。
Just haven’t waited for her.,The pain of the drill, let her can’t help but frown.。
“Don’t move,let me see。”
Li Hui Feng passed the expression of the other party,I know that it is likely to be an ankle.。
Immediately grab the jade foot,Although wearing black stockings,But Li Hui is still a somewhat redness at the ankle.。
Gently prescribe,Yu Mengmeng instantly hurts a slight slight sound。
“I will go back to go back.,I can’t reset it here.,You are somewhat serious。”
I will go back to raise it.,it’s nothing。”
Yu Meng, listening to reset,The heart is a fear。
“Come,First come up.,By the way, tell me how your family will go。”
Looking at the front of Li Hui, it is already in front of him.,Yu Meng’s heart suddenly also trembled。
She couldn’t help but think of the boyfriend mentioned before.,The man seems to be in addition to her money.,Like her,I have never had her roots.,Even many times, if you leave, you will keep your distance.。
Today, Li Hui Feng, who has just met, but there is no counted。
In rural areas,She knows clearly, once she is squatting,And Li Hui is carrying her home.,So as long as you are seen by one person,The result can be imagined。
Hesitate,She is still full of squatting。
Li Hui is directly holding a hand of Meng Meng’s boots.,Then get upright,The hand is placed on the other’s legs back to the other side.。