“Xia Zongzao“Fang Fang said hello mischievously。

Xia Jian didn’t say a word,Just made a start gesture,Zhang Sangui smiled slightly,The car slid out。Fang Fang seems to know why Xia Jian is angry,Also sitting in the back row,Enjoying the scenery outside the car window。
Xia Jian couldn’t help it anymore,Turn around and say:“This action is more dangerous,You came by yourself,Not my name,and so…“
“know,Has nothing to do with you“Fang Fang doesn’t wait for Xia Jian to finish,So I interrupted him,Xia Jianzhi shrugged。
Zhang Sangui drove the car out of the city,Then I asked Xia Jian:“Are we going to the wild boar forest??“
“Yes indeed!Didn’t Mr. Xiao tell you clearly on the phone??“Xia Jian asked Zhang Sangui back。
Zhang Sangui smiled and said:“said,But not very clear,Let me confirm“Zhang Sangui finished,Secretly floated with his eyes, Xia Jian sitting in the passenger seat,Xia Jian looked serious,It seems that he is in a bad mood,You have to be careful,Otherwise it will definitely attract a scolding。
As soon as the car leaves the city,Started to bump,Zhang Sangui tried his best to control the stability of the car,But the speed does not slow down,One hour later,The car has reached the foot of the mountain,Can’t drive in。
Xia Jian took the lead and jumped out of the car,To Zhang Sangui:“Find some weeds or something,Cover the car“
Zhang Sangui responded,Take out a machete from the trunk,Went looking for weeds。Fang Fang still smiles,She started checking the equipment,What water to drink,Biscuits,Even brought a flashlight,I also have a long rope。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but walked over,A look at the trunk,My darling,There is also a backpack in the back box,What engineer shovel,Small digger,Anyway,Xiao Xiao seems to have spent much thought this time,No wonder last night,She keeps calling,It turned out to be for Fang Fang and Zhang Sangui to prepare these things in advance。
The only thing in the mountains is weeds,For a while,Zhang Sangui has covered the car tightly,From a distance,Can’t see anything at all。
Everything is received properly,The three of them walked into the mountains。Xia Jian dressed lightly,Fang Fang and Zhang Sangui each carry a military bag,It’s like an army training。
Xia Jian took a photo of Fang’s backpack and said:“can!Carrying a bag in the forest is not easy to walk“
“Nothing,Where is the soldier?,Doing this is like a joke,This bag is more,Not half the weight of our rush march“Fang Fang finished,Hard work,People are a few steps away。
Xia Jian and Zhang Sangui smiled at each other,Followed closely。
When Xia Jian and Xiao Xiao came last year,It’s late autumn,But it’s spring,In the forest,Blooming,Birds and Flowers,Can’t find the danger。
Almost halfway up the mountain,Xia Jian lowered his voice and said:“note,This seems to be a place where wild boars go“
He just finished speaking,A black shadow,Pass in front of them,Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,Fang Fang in front,Like a hound chasing a rabbit,Madly chased out。
This woman,Why so rash,Xia Jian couldn’t help but cursed inwardly,Zhang Sangui takes one step forward,Whisper:“rest assured,Fang Fang is amazing,When she was a soldier,As a special soldier“