First245chapter Princess

Five and a half million gold,In some countries, the annual tax revenue may not reach this figure,And in Miaoguo just for a game to please the powerful。
Subsequent bid,Have not reached this number。
Zhu Minglang has become the son-in-law of this year。
Although Zhu Minglang also knows that this is inseparable from his identity,But also with one’s own aura、Handsome、Outstanding poetry、Excellent swordsmanship、Mulong Youdao also has a lot to do!
The election festival also gradually ended with the high bids of the last few excellent sons-in-laws,The most jaw-dropping,Naturally, I wish a bright price,Far higher than other competitors。
At night,Zhu Minglang has been invited to the palace。
This is so fast that Zhu Minglang is still a little uncomfortable,I didn’t expect the election of Miao Guo to be so anxious,I shouldn’t run in for some more days,Do you continue the night project??
Or,Bought son-in-law,Is already Kanaya Kuroshio,Won’t let it show up again?
fair enough,Took jade ornaments,Then fled directly to Yaoyao,The sky-high price gift from the princess,I wish Minglang can return it intact。