But very nice,I still want to check it out then,I didn’t expect you to buy it all back for me。”

Xiao Fan said with a smile:“These things are what i should do,And you didn’t tell me about your jewelry last time,Is it all the same style? I look tired,I also asked someone to remake a set for you。
Then you have a look,And there are daily models,There are suitable for dinner,All recreated a set,Different from your previous style,I don’t know if you like it。
Then you can pick it yourself,If you like it, let them do it,If you don’t like it,I’ll let them change some styles and send it to you。
Anyway, these things are very simple for me,As long as you can be happy,It doesn’t matter what I do。”
Lin Yoona said with a smile:“Can marry you,It’s the greatest happiness in my life。”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“It’s my happiness to marry you。”This night seems so beautiful,Everyone can recognize their true heart,Able to grasp the happiness around me。
In fact, it’s not easy to meet someone who is like-minded and can accompany you throughout your life.,So everyone should seize this happiness,Hold it firmly so that it won’t be lost。
Here, Shen Lin and Su Ran have prepared something tonight,After all, I will return to the base tomorrow to deal with some things,I heard that Chu Yao was transferred to the company recently,Then Su Ran should go back to take over the base。
And tomorrow they will bring back the small rice cakes,After dinner in the evening, Shen Lin and Su Ran went back to the room to pack up,Then the little rice cake walked tremblingly to their room under the leadership of the servant,Also knocked on the door。
Su Ran only saw the servant when he opened the door,After I lower my head, I found a small rice cake at the door,Su Ran was adorable at that time。
Then Su Ran picked up the rice cake and said:“Why come baby,Is there something?Where’s grandpa?”
Little nian gao can now easily say a lot,Then the little rice cake pulled Su Ran’s hair and told Su Ran:“Grandpa busy。”
Although pulling Su Ran’s hair,But Su Ran likes small rice cakes very much,I seem to like this action,But very gentle,Looks like expressing his love for Su Ran。
Su Ran smiled and said:“So Grandpa is busy,So what did the little nian gao come to find us for??”
Xiao Nian Gao smiled suddenly,Then talk to Su Ran:“Home home。”