Nourish the stomach according to certain conditions

Nourish the stomach according to certain conditions

Chronic gastritis is a common disease with the highest incidence of various gastric diseases.

Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the “same source of medicine and food”. According to the common symptoms of outpatients, Professor Zhang divides them into the following four categories.

  Common symptoms of liver and stomach stagnation: stomach bloating, stuffiness, dry mouth, dry odor, dry stool, upset stomach, yellow and thick tongue, young people with sores.

  Drug recommendations: Stomach fullness, belching and swallowing acid supplement Jiawei Zuojin Pill, stomach pain channeling and two ribs, exacerbation of mood depression in place of Weisu granules, those who cause food accumulation can use digestion and stagnation of Agarwood Huazhi pills.

  Diet conditioning: Avoid spicy food and tobacco and alcohol, strong tea, eat less fast food, meat and fried products, eat more white fungus soup, millet porridge and other soups.

Eat appropriate amount of vegetables and fruits every day, such as bitter gourd, cucumber, loofah, loquat and other hot and laxative foods.

Some people with odor in the mouth are caused by Helicobacter pylori infection, you can go to the hospital for a carbon 14 breath test, if positive, treatment is needed.

  Common symptoms of spleen and stomach discomfort: fullness in the stomach after meals, snoring pantothenic acid, bloating, and poor appetite.

  Drug recommendations: Xiangsha Yangwei Pills and Liuwei Anxiao Capsules which have the effects of removing swelling and removing fullness, and leading stasis and depletion.

  Diet conditioning: During the illness, you can drink some white radish soup, or cut the radish into thin threads and add pepper, stir-fry the fennel, and eat until soft.

For those with excessive gastric acid secretion, broth should be added. Drink milk, soy milk, eat steamed buns or bread to neutralize stomach acid, or cook the meat after it is cooked to soup.

Due to unsatisfactory feelings, the chest and abdomen are full and those who keep snoring can use 15 grams of orange peel, 10 grams of persimmon, appropriate amount of ginger juice, boil the juice and take it frequently.

  Common symptoms of deficiency of stomach yin: eating tasteless, dry mouth and throat, hot hands and feet, red tongue and less moss.

  Drug recommendations: Yangweishu with the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing the stomach, or Yiwei decoction.

  Diet conditioning: This type of gastritis is more common in atrophic gastritis, with reduced gastric acid secretion.

During the illness, you can eat delicious foods such as broth and chicken broth to stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and help digestion.

Those who have dry mouth and throat can peel and pit the pears, slice them into cold water, put a small amount of rock sugar, and soak for 4 hours with a lid.

Dry mouth and drink instantly.

For long-term conditioners, you can add some yam, wolfberry, jade bamboo, and other spleen and spleen medicine when cooking porridge.

For those with full stomach, when the porridge is about to mature, add 5 grams of roses and cook for a while.

  Common Symptoms of Deficiency in Spleen and Stomach: abdominal distension, fullness, poor appetite, fatigue and cold, easy to get sick from cold or eating greasy food, pale tongue and white fur.

  Drug recommendation: Wenweishu, Fuzi Lizhong Pills, which has the effect of warming the stomach and analgesics.

  Diet conditioning: Avoid cold and fiber-containing foods such as celery, chives, etc.

The cooking method is mainly stewed and simmered, with a debilitating constitution. Those who are afraid of cold, eat more things that help the sun, such as angelica wolfberry stewed chicken soup, carrot lamb soup and so on.

In winter, you can cook casserole stews at home, such as casserole fish stew and casserole chicken stew.

Eat less stools, and those with weak limbs can add yam, lotus seeds, longan, red dates and so on when cooking porridge.