After two elopements we decided to face everything

After two elopements we decided to face everything

Oral: The story of Lan Xin Ou December 24, 2004 is the second anniversary of the love between Lan Xin and Lei. Lan Xin and Lei experienced many bumps during the two years.

In the beginning, they fell in love in secret, but after being openly loved, they were opposed by their families. However, the two decided to leave the country.Blessing, they met again a few days later, and everything came back again-they fell in love in secret, followed by the opposition of their parents, and eloped again, except that Lan Xin successfully left the house, but inAt the last moment, Lei decided to get the blessings of Lan Xin’s parents, so that they returned home together and faced everything together . When they graduated in 2002, after being rejected from the job several times, I had a chance.Find a professional job at a computer company.

At a regular morning meeting, the manager introduced us to a new colleague, Ray.

He didn’t impress me too much at that time, but just felt that this man was proud.

A few days later, one morning, I bought breakfast at a bakery in the flat as usual. When I turned around and left, I found Ray was looking at me. He smiled and asked me: “You like this one tooSomething?

“I just said,” Well!

“Go to the elevator.

  A few days later Ray came to me to invoice, I saw that his pen was very good-looking, so I accidentally called it: “Your pen is pretty!

“As soon as my words fell, he put the pen on my desk and said it was for me.

At that time I had a special joy in that pen.

From that day on, I will pay more attention to Lei every morning meeting.

A few days later Lei came to me to invoice again, and I found that a ring was overlapped on his ring finger. My heart didn’t know why it suddenly became cold.

I know I already like this man.

Maybe it’s God’s will, after a week Lei was transferred to our department.

I always avoid him deliberately and don’t want these things to affect my work.

One day, I found that the ring on his hand was gone, and there was still a hint of joy in my heart under various speculations.

That afternoon, Ray sent me a very interesting message, and I also sent him a message, everything seemed calm.

  I will receive his greetings every night for the next days.

On a Sunday morning, Ray’s text message woke me up very early. He asked me if I wanted to go shopping with my boyfriend. I told him that his boyfriend was past tense, and by the way asked if he was going to date with his girlfriend.His answer surprised me. He said that he had never had a girlfriend. Although I doubted his words, I continued to talk to him.

We talked a lot and talked for a long time. He told me the troubles at work, and I sent him some blessings. He said that knowing one ‘s life is enough, and I told him that I would be his confidante.

It’s strange to think that when we work together during the day, we hardly talk about each other, but silently pay attention to each other’s situation.

At night I was used to receiving Ray’s messages at that time.

  One night I did not receive information from Lei. I almost lost sleep. The next day I went to the unit to listen to my colleagues saying that Lei drank too much yesterday and told a girl who she did n’t know that she liked others!

Listening to my colleagues describing his morbid state at that time, my head almost exploded . I had no reason to mine a day because I thought he was deceiving my kindness, my naivety, and I thought he was a slutty person who likes to make fun.
That night Lei stood in the snow and sent me a message and explained to me, but no matter how he explained it, I couldn’t hear it, because I found that I had fallen in love with him!

  Therefore, I became ill, people became very depressed, and Thunder was silent during that time.

After nearly a month of the Cold War, Ray sent me a message: I have always wanted to say to you that this is a heavy commitment. I don’t want to say it too early, but now I have to say, becauseI am afraid to lose you, I love you!

After work the next day, he said that he wanted to send me home every day. That day, I did not refuse him, so our story began . A few days later was Christmas. On December 24th, colleagues of the company had a dinner together., Lei kissed me for the first time on the way home, so I took that day as the anniversary of our love.

In the blink of an eye, the Spring Festival is coming, and Lei is going home to celebrate the New Year. This is cruel to those we just fell in love with.

We spent that Spring Festival in Acacia, and we agreed in the text message that Lei Chu sixth would tell our parents about us.

The sixth day is finally here, and I happily returned home with Lei, but my parents’ resolute objection pushed us again to the road of breaking up.

The reason for my parents is simple, because Lei’s family is rural, and I am afraid that I will suffer in the future.

Ray was sad that day and left without eating.

I chased after crying and told him that I would not break up with him like this. I believe that our love will move everyone who opposes us. Ray also cried that day. He said he couldn’t live without me.He will leave the first-class city . I can’t say anything, just hold him tightly.

  We made an appointment to meet the next day, and then we settled for life, but my parents did not let me go out that day, and even did not let me go.

I had to send a message telling Lei that I couldn’t go and tell him not to wait for me.

I later learned that after receiving the message, he still waited for four hours in the heavy snow.

I cried and begged my parents to give us a chance, but their resoluteness was not what I expected. I sent a message to Lei and asked him to take me away, but he called and told my father that he decided to leave me.Disturbing my life again . When I returned to work, Lei had left the company and only left me a letter. He said that he didn’t want and couldn’t let me be an unfilial daughter. He wanted something.Be sure to let me be his bride . After reading this letter, I have already burst into tears, and no one can understand the pain in my heart.After that I fell in love with writing a diary and buried my thoughts about Ray in the lines.

  It was another Valentine’s Day without a lover, and that day I unexpectedly received a bouquet of roses and a letter.

It was sent by Lei. He told me in the letter that he bought it with all the money in his body. I hope I won’t be disappointed. He also said that he has found a job and he will break out of his own land and let me bless him.
I was on the phone that night, hoping that Ray could call me, because he hadn’t contacted me since I left, but I still didn’t receive his message.

  The story of mine and mine didn’t end like this. The winter of 2003 was long. I met mine on the street during the last snowfall.

He sent me a message in the evening to tell me that when he saw me, he wanted to hold me in his arms. He wanted to make my heart warm again with his love!

That’s how we started secretly carrying our parents.

Our love is more fierce than before, and the two also cherish this lost and regained love.

But every time I met with Lei, besides being happy, I was also accompanied by fear. I was so afraid that one day my parents would separate us again.

Perhaps because of this kind of psychology, I hope that no matter what happens in the future, Ray will always remember me, so I decided to dedicate myself completely to him, and I want to prove that my love for him is without regrets!

Ray was so moved that we all cried that day.

But God is always joking with us, our things are still known to parents.

  My parents threatened to ask someone to “learn” him if they were not separated from me. I didn’t want him to be hurt, including tears that promised his parents.

After Lei knew that he spent a day silly on the side of the South Lake. I was afraid of any accident. I lied to my parents, put on a ring that Lei gave me, held a diploma and only 60 yuan on his body.Taxi left the house in a hurry.

I know that this step is destined to be an unfilial daughter . When I saw Ray, I felt very confused, and I told him that I hope he will leave with me.

Ray was not as happy as I thought he was, and he said in a responsible preparation to send me home, saying that we can’t just leave like this, we can’t be so selfish.

I was so stubborn that I couldn’t hear anything. All I knew was that I couldn’t go back. After I went back, I would never see mine again.

I threw the ring he gave me angrily to the ground, and planned to leave alone.

Suddenly Lei knelt down and had the right to ask me not to go. He took my hand and said, “Let’s go back and ask my parents to forgive us. I will prove that I really love you!”

“When I was at my door, I was afraid to go in because I was afraid. Ray encouraged me to say,” Don’t be afraid! ”

With me, I won’t leave you again!

“As soon as we entered the house, we kneeled in front of our parents, confessed their mistakes, and Ray asked them to give themselves a chance. He would take good care of me. If they didn’t agree, he would not be able to kneel.
Parents are not as violent as I expected, nor are they responsible for preparing us. They are really moved by our dedication!

When my mother solemnly handed my hand to Lei, my tears came to an end again . I and Lei could really be together finally. Our feelings experienced so many ups and downs and we finally saw the rainbow.

Now through our efforts, with the help of our parents, we bought a house and had our own home.

Ray hurts me, although we sometimes quarrel, but in the end they forgive each other because of love.

  -Talker: Someone in Lan Xin said a cold wind-How can I see a rainbow without going through wind and rain?

Men are brave, and women insist that they are as happy as they are today.

May these loved ones cherish this hard-won happiness, and sincerely wish them love and happiness forever!

  Blue Late Autumn-This kind of love is very touching. Love must not only have vow promises, but also actions to prove it.

Their persistence and hard work have made their love a perfect result.

How envious!

  Love is dead-this boy is a good boy, but I am very angry, why did I choose to leave the girl for the first time, it seems because she was made a filial daughter?

Fortunately, the second reunion made the boy know how to cherish and did not leave the girl again. The girl’s insistence on waiting is also worth it. Such love may be strong.

Although I said something that I shouldn’t say, I hope that no matter what happens, the two will go together to share their hardships and face each other together. I wish you happiness and happiness!

  Water-like girl-love needs two people to work together. After the storm, it is true happiness.

Only with this dedication can the two people get this happy ending together.

  If happiness comes-life can be dull, like the blue lake under the blue sky.

Life can also be poetry, singing along the way.
Love requires two people to maintain and water together!
Please use your sincerity and hard work to water the tree of love together!

As long as you hold hands, every day is happy.

  Host Dalin is a love that we deserve to applaud. Lan Xin and Lei have proved their dedication to love with action.

After being opposed by Lan Xin’s parents for the first time, Ray chose to give up (should be said to give up briefly), indicating that he was a sane, responsible man; the second time he still did not choose to leave with Lan Xin, andIt is the parents who touched Lan Xin with their bravery and sincerity.

As the saying goes: The human heart is flesh.

Not to mention the heart of parents?

I want to tell those who are distressed by their parents ‘opposition, as long as your love is sincere and you are willing to wait for it all your life, then use your sincerity to touch your parents’ heart.The way.