Tao Yuanming’s favorite chrysanthemum, there are so many health effects!

Tao Yuanming’s favorite chrysanthemum, there are so many health effects!

Speaking of chrysanthemums, many people may think of Tao Yuanming as soon as possible.

Chrysanthemum is the favorite of Tao Yuanming, and it is the preferred plant for many people who like tea. In fact, in Chinese medicine, chrysanthemum is also a high-frequency one.

Usually, health care is mainly based on some of its effects.

First of all, the first effect of chrysanthemum is to clear away heat and detoxification, so if the snack has nasal congestion, jaundice, sore throat and hot and cold symptoms, you can use the words to drink tea, you can mix with rock sugar or honey, so that heat and detoxification, sparseThe role of the windshield table.

If you have mint or mulberry leaves, you can use these herbs together to relieve cold symptoms or prevent cold symptoms.

In fact, clearing the liver and improving eyesight, many elderly people have more experience, they will be associated with chrysanthemum episodes of eye disease every day, because the liver is open to the eye, so the liver’s yin and yang disorders will directly affect the health of the eyes, so use chrysanthemum tea, can be clearEye, clear the liver, improve eye discomfort and temper caused by strong liver fire, depression and other issues.

Eyes are red, swollen and hot, you can drink chrysanthemum tea, wash your eyes with chrysanthemum water, or use a towel with chrysanthemum water, apply to the eye to achieve anti-inflammatory analgesic, delay the progress of eye disease.

For menopausal people and people with heavy work pressures and often unhappy people, chrysanthemums are a good choice.

The most convenient and best way is to brew directly, add a spoonful of honey, sweet and delicious, while at the same time can cure health.

In addition, chrysanthemum treatment of acne and prevention of adolescent oil secretion and excessive internal fire has a very good effect, this is also a way for many people to improve when acne is distressed, chrysanthemum with rock sugar, clear liver heat, butIt takes a long time to persist, and it is impossible to achieve good results after a few days of drinking.

Finally, to improve facial pigmentation, as well as beauty and beauty, chrysanthemum is divided into a variety of, white chrysanthemum, yellow chrysanthemum, wild chrysanthemum, and different chrysanthemums bring different effects.

White chrysanthemum is better in beauty and beauty. It can be applied to the eyes and skin with chrysanthemum to improve fine lines and whitening.

It is also a good method for the problem of pigmentation caused by pigmentation.

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