The secret of love hidden in the lily

The secret of love hidden in the lily

At that time, she was just 18 years old. She was so sturdy and pure that she was like a lily in the wind.

And he was studying at the medical school in the same city. He pointed a pair of wide-brimmed glasses, and he couldn’t even make a fart even if he was a mill. In the calm heart, there was the fiery and persistent of magma.

  The first time I met was at a party in the village. Some of the poor students in the two schools had a boring and boring time. The medical school went to the normal school to engage in fellowship with the fellow villagers, and realized that it was the drunkard who was not drinking.

Her smile was as bright as spring water, crunchy, and hit her heart.

See you again at the affiliated hospital attached to the medical school where he interned.

He was visiting the room in a department, and he happened to see her turned back, disappearing at the end of the corridor where he could see.

He raised his gaze and stared at the house sign that she came out, “Heart Clinic”. He couldn’t help fainting, so a woman of the same age and the same flower, how could this be the case . . he thought of her sadness and slimnessThe back, every bit of tumbling in the heart are pain and pity.

  Three months later, he received his undergraduate degree certificate and was retained by the affiliated hospital for his outstanding performance during the internship.

He took a lot of trouble to find her home address from a fellow villager. He was a little timid and excited, and bought the first bunch of flowers in life: a red rose, eleven lilies, and twining love grass, pink purple.The wrapping paper was tied up, he bravely braced his chest, his two fingers together into chestnut paws, and knocked gently on the door.

  Flowers can make her hands, and she was a little contradictory to happiness, and then wept.

She liked the fresh, fragrant flowers in her eyes, but for a moment, she stopped at the flowers in her hands, and then stuffed them back into his hands. She crimson her jawbone and ran away in panic.

Rejection is also kindness.

  He was persistent and restrained, and he was so energetic that he sat under the eaves of her house and blocked her again for hours.

He knew that there were obstacles in her heart that she could not overcome, but he didn’t care.

Entering her house, he found the scarlet rose a bottle, filled it with water and raised it.

The 11 lilies are clear and bright, and the dust is not stained. He slowly peeled off the petals of the lily, small pieces, and filled a pot, and then called her to eat.

Shy, she buried her head and picked the stars with chopsticks. It was almost a taste of taste. The lady-like way of eating felt that the taste was quite appropriate, and she smiled lightly.

  She laughed at him: Offering flowers and eating them, and burning a crane to make a crane, unreasonable!

He also laughed: flowers beauty, you are old-fashioned!

  Even if he was busy and turned like a flywheel, he would call home on time: Don’t forget to eat the lily in the refrigerator warmly.

He never stopped buying lilies and insisted stubbornly that it almost made her eat a little tired.

  He juggles again, cooking the lily with sweet mints, and cooking the lily with sour lemons. In short, it is worthwhile to fully mobilize her taste buds that eat the lily and insist that he spend some brains.

  She went to his home for the first time. In the countryside, it was a village full of hot peppers and small pointed peppers.

His house is so enthusiastic as chilli. The main ingredient for cooking is chilli, which is enough to choke people.

But the travel bag he brought back carefully contained lilies, and personally cooked for her to cook delicious lilies.

His mother looked weird and pulled her son aside and asked: Why, she was afraid of peppers?

The son smiled easily, yeah.

Before long, a bowl of lilies bursting on the fragrance was on her table.

She relished and ate as little as possible.

  Many years later, she suddenly woke up on the Internet. Her face was in the thin white lines in the cracks of Baidu search, her fingers danced, the word “lily” jumped up, double-clicked with a mouse, and an introduction about lily came into view:A cool and bitter plant that is good for heart nourishment.

Supplemented with mint and lemon for better nutrition.

  She suddenly understood that his heart was already in his chest.

I like lilies and cook lilies because of another beating heart for love.