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Surgical Food Therapy with Wide Chest and Qi to Prevent Recurrence

The general principle of diet for asthma patients is to give a moderate amount of protein, low blood sugar, low blood sugar, low salt diet; followed by low blood sugar, high vitamin, high fiber diet.

Stop smoking, avoid strong tea, hard alcohol, strong coffee and spicy food.

  Foods useful for people with hypertension include a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits such as coriander, lily, yam, tomatoes, cabbage, spinach, carrots, white radish, eggplant, hawthorn, citrus, almond, watermelon, etc .; in addition, like honey,Seaweed, jellyfish, kelp, fungus, white fungus, etc. are all effective.

But fat, cream, chocolate and salt, raw radish, soy, etc., should be used sparingly or with caution.

  Various medicated porridge can be selected according to the staple food of emphysema, such as wind-cold closed lung type (cough, asthma, chest tightness, white phlegm, thin foaming, chills, headache, no sweat). Perilla porridge, almond porridge, and perilla porridge, Ginger porridge; wind-heat and lung-type (wheezing, coughing, fever, sweating, phlegm and stickiness, thirst and sore throat) can choose double-flower porridge, gypsum porridge, reed root porridge, pear porridge;Prompt cough, sputum and stickiness, stuffy chest, less nausea, and even palpitations.) Poria porridge rice porridge, perilla porridge, almond cream, white radish porridge are optional.

  Patients with acute kidney disease usually have Babao tofu, fried white radish, fried yam pieces, and fried lean pork slices.

Drinks include Sydney drink, ginger drink, watermelon drink, rock candy radish juice.

The soup includes seaweed soup, lamb radish soup, jellyfish and duck egg soup, radish and abalone soup.