China @ 四川 | "Sanshui" rectification is also coming to the countryside "innocent" – Chengdu rural sewage treatment

  Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, August 1 (Reporter Li Li) "rural life sewage is more difficult to treat than the city, but it is the first thing to see ‘.

"The sun is in the summer, Qin Yuanlong is looking at the site of the disease network rectification and renovation project. …… As long as the work is related to the water, it is his "must-have course" every day.

  In the western part of the main city of Chengdu, the Eight River is developed in the western part of Chengdu, the eighth river, which undertakes more than 50% of the drinking water water supply tasks in the main city. The water supply is 1.4 million tons, and the three-way town has "three dry three "Water Town", known as the 16th fight, is one of the main water source protection sites in Chengdu. "The water we are here is unclear, and there are millions of people in the main city.

Qin Yuanlong said.

  Rural domestic sewage is mainly a kitchen wastewater, washing wastewater and toilet wastewater.

Water is currently flowing, if it is unknown, it will cause large area pollution.

  "In the past, rural life sewage did not access the municipal sewage pipe network, mostly straight row, scattered into the village environment, severely polluted rural settings, affecting the health of the villagers, especially in the summer, is easy to breed flies, mosquitoes." Three Zeng Jinjian, deputy director of the town, said, "The sewage flows to pollute the surface of the surface, and there is no flow to pollute the groundwater, very headache.

"After starting the rural" three water "to rule, San Duoyan Town has set the streamline for each sewage." At present, there are more than 37 villages in the town, more than 20 households, and the residential hospitals fall to life sewage access. Municipal sewage pipe network. "Qin Yuanlong introduced," The folk wastewater of the villagers flowed into the ‘water cylinder’ or the basin, and after the PVC pipe enters the oil water separation, the toilet wastewater will enter the three-format septic tanks, and ferment it. After the water ‘, then in the washing wastewater into the courtyard sewage collection supervisor. The ‘Sanshui’ is brought into the hospital to the hospital.

"Three-way sewage finally returned to a pool to complete the collection. Because the hospital is in the low-lying ground, it is natural to flow into the sewage pipe network. We have built integrated micro-sewage to increase the water pump station, and the sewage is pumped into the sewage pipe network.

Qin Yuanlong said.

  In front of the office building of the Sandan Sewage Treatment Plant of the Suman District, a colorful goldfish is moved in a pool.

It’s hard to imagine, go back to the source of 100 meters, clean water or turbid sewage.

  "Domestic sewage carries organic pollutants, nitrogen-containing, phosphorus pollutants and some suspended materials such as pollutants. It looks very dirty and smell.

Ma Shijie, deputy head of Sanqi Second Sewage Treatment Plant, told reporters. After physical treatment, biochemical treatment, membrane treatment and disinfection, more than 10,000 tons of life sewage will be reformed here. "Sewage passed After processing, the water quality of "Water Pollution Dyeland in Sichuan Province, the Lijiang River Basin" is higher than the national level A standard, used to pour the flower, and fish is not complete. Ma Shijie said.

  "In the past, everyone rushed to the surrounding houses, stinky and slippery, especially when it rained, I was so embarrassing water.

"Zhang Yunming, villager in Sanxin Town, said," After the ‘Sanshui’ rectified, the front house is clear and refreshing. "Before November, 20 households in the whole town will all achieve harmless treatment." "Zeng Jin Jian said. (End).