2020 Jiangsu Province Calligraphy Competition Xuzhou Sai District

With the theme of "2020, welcome a good", the Modern Express Xuzhou News Center and Phoenix Xuzhou Book City jointly hosted, Xuzhou Calligraphers Association, Xuzhou Youth Calligraphy Association, Xuzhou Hard Pen Calligrapher Association as a guide unit, Xuzhou City One People’s Hospital provides brand support, and the Bank of China Xuzhou Branch provides special support for the "2020 Jiangsu Provincial Primary and Secondary School Calligraphy Competition Xuzhou Sai District" has ended.

More than 800 pieces of works are divided into special prizes, first prize, second prize and third prize. The results of the selection will be announced recently. 2020 Jiangsu Province Calligraphy Competition Xuzhou Sai District’s event has been fully launched, the city’s primary and secondary schools, calligraphy training institutions participated, and the children who love calligraphy are also registered.

As of the eve of early review, the organizers received more than 4,000 works, whether they were quantified or larger. Xuzhou’s calligraphers have been very supportive, and the experts of Yuan Zuhui, Yue Yuan, Wang Chenyang, Feng Wentao, Liangchao and other calligraphy, and selection of the works of this contest. The judges said that from the work that has been submitted, it can be seen that many children’s calligraphy foundation is very good, and the overall quality of the work is relatively high. China Calligraphers Association, Jiangsu Calligraphers Association, the Secretary-General of Xuzhou Calligraphers Association, Yuan Zuhui said after the evaluation of soft pen works, Xuzhou calligraphy education is more strong, calligraphy education is also relatively popular, and the soft pen work submitted throughout the event Relatively little, but quality is very good.

Chinese Calligraphers Association, deputy director of the Youth Development Committee of the Youth Calligrapher Association of Jiangsu Province, the President of Jiangsu Youth Calligrapher Association, Chairman of Xuzhou Youth Calligrapher Association, said that the overall level of this calligraphy work is higher than in previous years. From the collected work, a teacher taught the calligraphy style is almost the same, many students in the work of the teacher, not to take nutrition from ancient French post. "It is recommended that children learn from ancient law, multidemption post, don’t Linyi teacher, the teacher is just the role." Wang Chenyang, chairman of Xuzhou Hard Pen Calligraphy Association, said that from the comments of the evaluation, the whole is still a good, stroke, Structure and chapter have certain knowledge, but some children’s basic work is lacking, the pen posture is not correct, and the works have relatively less.

China Hard Pen Calligraphy Association, member of the Jiangsu Calligrapher Association, Xuzhou Book Association Training Center special hard pen mentor Feng Wentao said that many children’s works are square, and the child’s grasp is not good enough, lacks length, high and low changes, I hope to strengthen this training. Liang Chao, director of the Xuzhou Hard Pen Calligrapher Association Training Center, said some of the single words of some works, but it is not complete enough for the articles, some complex words, wide and narrow, and the main strokes are not highly high. According to the organizers, the judges have been selected for more than 4 hours of journey, with a total of 10% of the total number of soft pen and hard pen, and the first prize and second prize of approximately 400 copies, third prizes. More than 400 copies were selected at a proportion of 10%.

The award-winning work can be obtained, and the results will be announced recently.

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