A "code" in hand Guangyuan Zhaohua the employment and worry-free

People’s Network Chengdu, March 6th this year The combination of combination helps migrant workers employment. "Although you have a certificate, but it is also talented. Comprehensively, you are still more suitable for the forklift work …" In front of you, it is an interview. He passed the 道 昭 化, easily found the position of your own. "I am from the recruitment information seen from the 道 昭 化, sweeping a QR code, then enter the recruitment web browsing position, intentional can be registered to submit information, today I have a formal interview.

"Job seeker Yuan Zhongquan said that he was appointed for the first time. It was very convenient to save, save a lot of time. In early this year, the Zhaohua District According to the characteristics of enterprises and the needs of enterprises and the needs of the region, the Zhaochemical District has developed an employment recruitment code. And extensively publicized in various towns.

In order to reach a completion agreement as soon as possible, employment companies also achieve two-way selection of enterprises and job seekers through telephone interviews and on-site interviews. It is understood that it is currently due to the current.

According to the employment code, Zhaowei District has reached a employment agreement for 259 people. In addition, the area has also established 28 out-of-site migrant workers for free medical examination "fixed-point service stations", "mobile service points", 300 health certificates for migrant workers; 848 workers in order to organize 848 workers ", Realize the seamless connection between the door to the factory to the factory; establish" 1 migrant worker, 1 foreign migrant worker workstation, 1 competent department, 1 professional lawyer, 1 joint town cadre "" "five one" The rights mechanism of the rights, actively publicly open the Workshop’s WeChat QR code, and do a good job in migrant workers.

(Queen Wifeifei) (Editor: Luo Wei, Gao Hongxia).