New mother, blind weight loss, aging, postpartum

New mother, blind weight loss, aging, postpartum

From the Tianjin Women and Children’s Health Center, many “new mothers” who have just given birth to children are eager to lose weight. Among them, 80% of young mothers under the age of 30 have developed a “weight loss plan” after childbirth.Hospitals, weight-loss institutions have also seen this business opportunity, have played the “professional postpartum weight loss” “1 month minus 10 pounds” banner.

According to experts, women who have just given birth can not lose weight blindly. The best weight loss period is after four and a half months after childbirth.

If the weight loss period and weight loss methods are not appropriate, in addition to harm to the mother’s body, it will have a negative impact on the child.

  Eating diet pills affects the size of the child. Li is a staff member of a foreign company. Due to work opportunities, he rushed to work without taking all the maternity leave.

Faced with more than 30 kilograms of extra meat added to his body, Xiao Li took a diet and replaced the slimming tea, hoping that he could restore his former body.

“My previous weight loss is also the case. It doesn’t matter. Drinking a slimming tea can clean the tandem and is good for the body.

Xiao Li said.

The reporter learned in the survey that dieting, diet pills, and slimming tea are the most common ways to lose weight for women. They think this is the most alternative and the least harmful to the body.

  Shao Ping, deputy director of the Pregnancy and Infant Activity Center of the Women and Children’s Health Center, said that it is not advisable to force diet and take diet pills. This alternation will lead to a slow recovery of the “new mother”
and serious postpartum concurrency.disease.

In addition, the “new mother” who is breastfeeding takes diet pills, and most of the drugs are discharged from the milk. These drugs can cause the liver function of the baby to decrease, resulting in abnormal liver function.

  Premature exercise to lose weight too blind Some “new mothers” recognize the negative consequences of eating diet pills, they are more willing to lose weight through exercise, they think that the way to lose weight is not harmful to the body.

Ms. Zhao gave birth to her baby for more than a month and couldn’t wait to return to the gym. After some intense exercise, she felt that her lower abdomen was unbearable. After examination, she found that her cesarean section wound leaked.

The companion immediately sent Ms. Zhao to the hospital. The doctors found that the acute exercise caused the wound to be damaged again.

Doctors say that weight loss through venous exercise soon after birth is likely to cause women’s uterine recovery to slow down and cause bleeding.

  Shao Ping said that after giving birth to a baby, the primary problem for the mother is to restore the reproductive system.

Before pregnancy, the uterus capacity of women is about 5 ml. It has increased to 5000 ml before delivery, and the weight of the uterus has increased from 70 grams to 2000 grams. This is a huge change.

Not only that, but other creatures in the female body are also displaced by the growth of the palace. In the case that the body has not fully recovered, the mother performs vertical movement to lose weight, body sculpting, which causes the uterus to sag and the muscle ligaments to relax.Women “age” in advance.

Therefore, “new mother” weight loss should be carried out four and a half months after birth, so that the female reproductive system has basically recovered.

  Maternal is not suitable for acupuncture to lose weight to see the “new mother” eager to lose weight, some beauty salons and weight loss agencies launched acupuncture to lose weight, 28-year-old Xiaofang tried a knife, after 6 treatments, lost 7 poundsmany.
However, Xiaofang found that in the recent night, he always felt that the upper part of the calf was hot and sweaty, but it was cold below the calf, so that he could not fall asleep.

“The few weight loss I have done this time is mainly to take acupuncture on the stomach and cupping the cup on the back, but the gynecologist said that the mother has just been born and the child is weak, and the stomach and the back cannot be touched at all.

Xiaofang said, “I can regret it now.”