And the occasion is so formal,Naturally don’t call what“Chu Da Ge”。

“I can’t think of the death of the teacher.!This appreciates a good penalty,Really evil!”Chu Deee is not a lot,Dare to condemn the people of the two。
“I am coming to the extinction.!”Chu Deirers are officially,Holding hands。
Song Qingshu、Zhang Wuji, etc.,It’s even better to worship the extinction.。
Chu Deiren is naturally just a bow.,Insert a fragrance,Chu Deirers still read:“Master is arrogant,The Emei is in the future, I am a gantry.,Never call people to bully!And go to Xia Jia Island next year,I will go,I must take care of Zhou’s head carefully.,After the safety of safety is back,Your old in the spirit of Tianzhi,Don’t worry about,Breakfast Western bliss!”
I heard the Chu Deirent,He will also go to the Heroes Island,Many other people in the spiritual hall are always moving.。
“Chu League!”
“It is worthy of my generation……”
“Diki teacher is too fixed in the sky。”
“When the island is waiting,I am willing to go back with the Chu Lee.!”
“It is a Chu Lee,Before……Cough,But still willing to hang。”
“of course,Who doesn’t know that Chu League is a valley?……”
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 656 Get a dream
In the extinct hall,A hanging rivers and lakes Haojie,Titting the Chu Deirers。
After all, there is a lot present.,Either I have already received a brand,Things to go to the Heroes Island in the headache,Either you have not received a sign,Can not hide in the headache。
Although it is a Chu Deire,Herbs the Heroes Island,Maybe you can also come back,but……At least much more likelihood than they survive,Have a willing to lead!
“Allore,Since it is set up,It is to promote the rush of martial arts.,Rivers and lakes,Is my business,Next this Heritland,Chu will not only go、Will also come back,And will bring it back with others!”Chu Deirers seem to be martial arts,Beat everyone。
It’s another blow.,Chu Deirers broke:“All right,Everyone gives an extraordinary teacher.。”
Wudang and Emei,Especially now,Wudang Fouli is discussed,Finally, I have a few days in Yu Lianzhou and Mo Valley.,Help support——Emei is not a non-disciple,Just extinction,Male disciples are not reused,Nothing, no taboo。
Song Duanqiao and Zhang Songxi should continue to go back,Just also take the opportunity“Dumped”Minor disciple,Solve delay。
Chu Deiren Nature……Also followed together!
Others don’t know if Song Duanqiao and Zhang Songxi must have an urgent return.,Chu Deirers have guess。
It’s almost half a year.,Could not……Is the solitary defense will go to Wudang Mountain,A battle with Zhang Zhenren?
The Chu Deiren learned that Song Duan Bridge was in a hurry.,Special private inquiry——Before the Chu Deiren handed“War book”,But I don’t know the specific date.,It’s just about it.。
“Song Gate is so urgent,Is it a solitary teacher and Zhang Zhen people??”Chu Deirers asked。
“good,Single lone life and teacher,Yes in the third day of March,War of Wudang。Although the teacher said that we don’t have to watch the battle.,I don’t understand what I don’t understand.,but……”
This matter is not open,No matter who wins,There will be no too many people know。
It is already in late February,A few months ago, Song Yuanqiao and others left Wudang.、When you go to the bright,In fact, it is already ready to go back in the duel.。
Although Zhang Zhen is a lot of age,But the disciples are still very confident to him.!
Besieged light,Fast than I think,Natural Song Duanqiao and others still want to be able to catch back!
So before, even if you worry about Yin Shi,However, they have not looking for it.,But all the way to continue,When you encounter a Chu Deirent。
If it is not a destroy teacher, it is too killing this kind of thing.,Wudang’s people will not take the road to Emei.。
But since it is coming,It’s not good to leave now.,Otherwise, I don’t know, I thought they revenge.、The Wudang School has already met the Emei.,At that time, their brothers were chanting.“Be careful”It is small,more importantly,The situation of Emei is afraid that it will be more sinister.。
Just 天 剑,It is possible to attract many 觊觎!
Therefore, the four man decides into the point action,Handa Song Duanqiao,There is also the most prominent Monconxi,First return to Wudang first,Yu Lianzhou and Mo Sheng Valley are the Emei Scene、One side like Yin pear。
Yin Yinwang also took Zhang Wuji,Obviously Skywear and Emei,I haven’t had to leave the extent that needs to be left.。
Song Duanqiao does not want to reveal that Zhang Zhen wants and solve the defeat.,Naturally, there is no reason to take it away now.,Just 叮 张 张 无,Early back to Wu Dang。
Song Duanqiao、Zhang Songxi,Containment with Chu Deirers and Sijian,A walkway、Shunjiang,Ready to land in Jiangling,After that, I will be on the north.、Returning。