Youth silence,And the black robe old man didn’t say any more,The answer is obviously self-evident,No one found the answer,But the free world has collapsed,And whether the mainland ruins still exist is between the two,All this seems to have proved the authenticity of the legend from another angle。

The black-robed old man took out a stack of chiffon and shook his hand and threw it to the boy,“Old man, I don’t have any treasures to give,Sit in the second half of life,Just realized some ideas,All on top。”
“Dare to ask if the old palace master has been to the void?”
“Have been。”
“Ever found‘Mysterious place’?”
“Never。But i know that place,Unfortunately I haven’t found it。”
The teenager nodded,After carefully closing the thin silk,Salute the old man very respectfully,When you get up again,Daze and the black robe old man have disappeared,It’s dark again,But the spirit of the black-robed old man is still immortal,Just like the goddess in the yellow sand,Seems unwilling,What are you waiting for。
There seems to be a place to explore ahead,Young man mustering courage,Hope to find something again,But unexpectedly stepped out,Immediately banged and dizzy,So he extended the tentacles of the divine consciousness in all directions,Deceased to find that the front is closed,There is a very soft but strong barrier that seals the deeper part of the hall。
One thousand two hundred and sixty-three chapters Lighthouse in the picture
There is only one direction,Just turn around and return,With a young character, I wanted to try to break the barrier in front of me,But the free world is destroyed,Unknown status of mainland remains,There is no time to splurge,I had to hold my heart unwilling to leave。
This idea just appeared,When turning around and taking the first step,The boy felt the squeeze of space that suffocated him,I want to mobilize my spiritual power to resist,But suddenly my eyes light up,He already saw the torch not far away,And the wandering of standing below。
Came back so soon?The teenager feels incredible,I visited the four palace masters one by one before,By his feet,I’m afraid it’s already tens of thousands of miles away,However, it only takes a few breaths to return,Only then did he realize how wonderful the space deep in the temple is。
This indirectly proves that the deepest part of the temple,There are even more important secrets behind that barrier,I must do it again before the so-called one hundred prosperity。
“The Young Palace Master returns successfully?”Shenyou’s expression is obviously uncomfortable。
“How long have i been in?”The boy did not answer。