He is the Secretary General of the World Quantum Technology Association,The first visit was arranged in a small room like an interrogation room,Also blocked the signal,Is this Mai Tairen??

Ok,Don’t worry about what has happened。
Love·Dracula comforted himself so much inside。
Although there are other messy things in my mind,But when facing Sejr’s speech with others,He can still show a smile that agrees with his identity。
Until the phone in my pocket vibrates suddenly。
After showing a sorry smile,Love·Dracula stood up,I walked to the window sill and took out the phone and saw Jackson’s name,Hang up the phone without hesitation。
Isn’t it messy to call this time?
God knows if you will be monitored if you answer the phone on someone’s site。
Yes,Love·Dracula is very cautious in this regard。
As a guest, it is naturally impossible for him to check the entire reception room。
of course,Basically no one will deal with important or confidential matters here。
But Jackson’s business is an unstable factor,His matter is definitely not suitable for discussion here。
Yes,Jean Jackson·The remarks made by Losi at the meeting were Love·Dracula’s idea。
His intention was to anger Wang Yufei。