Combat skill bombardment on the ice flower,Bing Linghua firmly resisted the attack。
“Combat skills—Wind without phase—Profit!”
Above the dean,White figure appears,The constant wind sword in his hand trembled violently,Attacked the dean fiercely。
The dean smiled,An ice flower blooms again,Bai Bai’s attack was instantly blocked。
“Hahaha,Got it!”
Feng Tian took advantage of a few people’s attacks,Appear directly beside the flag,Ready to reach down,A snowflake pattern suddenly appeared under my feet!
“I said it before,You are so naive!”
Dean’s words appear,Cold eyes,Three Bing Linghua suddenly disintegrated,Coming towards the four men。
The snowflakes under Feng Tian’s feet shattered instantly,The violent cold instantly wrapped Feng Tian,Freeze it into ice!
“Feng Tian!”
Chen Mo’s eyes widened,But looking at the frozen Feng Tian, there is no way。
Feng Tian roared out of ice,Directly out of the ice cube,But the surrounding chill penetrates the body,The two are incomparable,The lips are shaking violently。
Ling Xi came to Feng Tian’s back,The flame in his hand enters Feng Tian’s body,Feng Tian’s complexion gradually improved。
Humbly,Crazy gathering of thunder attributes in hand,A dark cloud formed over the dean,Thunder keeps flashing。