at dusk,Xia Jian dragged his tired body,Just walked into the village committee,Zhao Hong who is going home,When I saw Xia Jian like this,Didn’t say anything,Hurry up and pour him a glass of water。

After drinking water,Xia Jian said to Zhao Hong:“Inform them,Immediately go to the village committee for a meeting,Make no mistake“
Zhao Hong hesitated,Still open the broadcast,She played a little music first,Only then started talking,This is experience,Attract people’s attention first,Then talk about important things。
A bag of cigarettes,Everyone is here,Song Fang saw Xia Jian,Smiled and said:“President Xia is really young,Be vigorous and vigorous,This person’s meal is only half eaten,Just ran over“
“it’s the same,My meal just came,The chopsticks did not move“Xia Sanhu said coldly。
Zhao Hong knocked on the table and said:“All right,Stop complaining,President Xia asked everyone to come over,There must be an urgent matter to discuss,You one by one,I took a look at least for dinner,We didn’t even return home“
Zhao Hong’s words,Amused Chen Erniu and Mo Yan giggled,The atmosphere in the office suddenly became more active。Xia Jian stood up,Moved my bones,I poured myself another glass of water,Just sat down。
“Can you not hurry?It doesn’t rain,Seeing that our village has no water to eat,Just now on my way back,All villagers go to Zhangwang Village to carry water,This time,It takes more than ten miles to talk less,Do you think we cadres can see it??“Xia Jian said with a sad face。
Zhao Hong glanced at Xia Jian,Said something hurts him:“Don’t get angry about this,As long as everyone works hard,To bring in water as soon as possible,How are you doing today?“
“Pretty smooth,I want to ask everyone sitting there,Our village had to divert water a few years ago,I heard that because of the graveyard,Just stranded,What the hell is this,Who can tell me?“Xia Jian said,I looked around everyone。
Chen Erniu glanced at Xia Sanhu,I said loudly:“There was such a thing,At that time, the Water Resources Bureau sent someone to measure,Only eat the water in Laoyewan,It’s actually the upper reaches of the spring we eat,But the source is right on the ancestral grave of your Xia family,Stone mountains on both sides,To divert water,Can only be dug from the middle of the grave“
“This is Wang Degui deliberately having trouble with our Xia family,So many water sources upstream,It happens to be chosen on the ancestral grave of our Xia family,Is this clearly provoking our Xia family?!“Xia Sanhu said angrily。
First0146chapter Ancestral grave