Eyes fell on Wang Zhenjie in front of him,Situ Yan pursed his thin lips,quite a while,Said disdainfully:“Tenfold for you,You sweep!”

I wanted to use money to humiliate others,And was humiliated by others with ten times the money,Wang Zhenjie’s face turned red!He doesn’t believe that this little white face really has one hundred thousand for himself!
“OK,One month later,Don’t make up 100,000 for me,Don’t say i bully you!”
Wang Zhenjie bet he doesn’t have a hundred thousand at all,One hundred thousand yuan for a high school student,Still a big number,Even him,So rich at home,There is no 10,000 yuan in a month。
Thought of here,Originally a bit angry,Figured it out in an instant,Just look at this little white face ashamed then!
Seeing the two men’s gamble,Everyone can’t help but gasp,Although Situ Yan’s looks are very good,But I can’t get any money,Everyone thought he was hitting the fat man with a swollen face。
Got a satisfactory result,Wang Zhenjie left happily。
From the perspective of warm and warm,I can still see the two kissed while nobody else,Lowered his eyes,Feel like seeing something disgusting。
The person in the memory overlaps the cold figure in front of you,It’s warm and warm, I feel moist,I want to say a lot but I don’t know how to say it,Finally endured it。
He doesn’t even know himself now,Do it yourself,Will definitely arouse his suspicion。
Although warm and warm don’t know his identity,But knows that he is very capable,Any clues can be captured by Minrun,Warm and warm dare not take this risk。
In the last life, he protected himself,Change yourself to protect him in this life!
No class in the afternoon,Because it’s sunday,So the warmth without class wants to go to the library to find some books to read。
It took less than ten minutes to break that website that day,The other side will be repaired directly,It seems that I am still not enough,If the other party wants,Sure to know where you are。
What warm and warm did not expect is,She was exposed long ago,It’s just that she doesn’t know。
Watching warm and warm walked in,Situ Yan followed in,He was suddenly curious,What is she doing now?during the class,Warm and quiet,For the first time, I think it’s not troublesome for women。