Egg weight loss method

Egg “weight loss” method

The so-called egg weight loss is a weight loss recipe for white boiled eggs, grapefruit and a small amount of green vegetables for two weeks.
Eat 5 to 9 eggs a day and eat them three times.
The intake per day is about 1 000 kcal.
Because this method can make the weight drop rapidly, the letter has attracted the attention of the world.
  Here are a few of the experiences of people who use this method to lose weight, let us listen to their experience of losing weight!
  ”I have achieved very good results. I lost 13 kilograms in two months.
Because of this egg-eating method, it can only be stopped for two weeks.
After a while, there was no appetite at all, but for nutrition, I had to maintain a diet that eats meat and fish.
Because I only eat eggs, grapefruit and vegetables for two weeks, I am happy that my stomach is getting smaller, but maybe it is because I am too thin, so I am tired.
“[Convenience 3, economy 3, immediate effect 5, effect 5](27 years old. Housewife) “I have been worried about the problem of high cholesterol and imbalanced nutrition. I saw in the magazine that the egg is a complete food.”I decided to try to lose weight.
As a result, five kilograms were lost in two weeks, and the results were not bad.
But in the process of implementation, I am not a good student. I often catch beef and snacks that I ban.
I think if you strictly adhere to it, the effect should be doubled!
At the same time, I had a friend who was very serious about it. As a result, the price of slimming down was wrinkled.
Perhaps my will is weak, but it is suitable for this method of weight loss.
“[Convenience 1, Economy 3, Immediate 3, Effect 4](31 years old. Accountant assistant) “I also eat a lot of vitamins while eating boiled eggs, because I am afraid that extreme practices will cause a burden on the body.”So take vitamins A, B and E.
Because vitamin C can be supplemented from fruits and vegetables.
Perhaps that approach worked, the body did not have any discomfort, and safely lost five kilograms in two weeks.
The face, upper abdomen and thighs are particularly thin.
Although it returned to its original state after half a year, I think this is because I don’t know how to control my appetite. It’s caused by my own badness!
[Convenience 3, economy 4, immediate effect 4, effect 4](29 years old. Cartoonist) As long as you stick to the end, the weight will indeed be about 10 kilograms in the short term. As many dieters say, the effect is indeedvery large.
But this extreme method of restricting diet seems to bring some anxiety to health, and the feeling of high risk and high recovery is also an undeniable fact.
The egg itself also has problems with atopic reactions and cholesterol. If you have a doubt about this strong aspect, it is best not to try to be a dangerous method.